Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Morning Musings

Sleeping in......
J:   "What time is it 11:30?"
B: "No, babe, like 6:45"

B: "Want some coffee babe?"
J: grunt.......and some singing (why, I do not know....he makes up songs which always results in me giggling)

a few minutes later as he makes his coffee.......
J: "You are the only person I know that is going to spend $5 on a stir stick"
B: "I didnt" (Well maybe I did, but it was awhile ago and its possible they were a gift... AND I truly believe in using the things we are given.  Like one uses their china....Dust collectors.  I don't have China.
B: (rolls eyes)......J may be the only person to have an opinion on every little detail.
J: Continues to sing

B: "want me to cook you an omlet?"
J: "OUT of WHAT"( Not sure why he raised his voice here......but he did it with humor)
B: "OUT of EGGS!"
J: "hmpf!"
B: (rolls eyes and mumbles under breath )........forget it......the moment has passed (but my omlets are good....)
J: (totally uninterested walks to door to smoke the days first cig)

J: standing at door in nothing but PJ pants (ahhh country life) "Your truck is not 4 wheel drive"
B: "Ok" (Just looks at J....where is he going with.   I know he does not think that Tara is going mudding)
J: "What year is that?"
B : "2008"
J : "Well damn it should be paid off soon"
B: "Doubtful"
J: laughs....."How many miles you got on that thing?"
B: "I don't know 30,000"( I am desperately trying to concentrate on my morning ritual of  coffee and computer session)
J: laughs and shakes his head "no"
B: "40,000???"
J: nods his head "yes"
B: wonders why we are having this fact it turns into a 15 minute conversation about cars and how many miles his cousin puts on a vehicle......which in turn has me ah-huhing and yessing.  (is that a word?) Secretly I am loving this table talk over coffee with him.  Its rare.

Ahhhh......Saturday morning.

Here is my omlet recipe.....I call it the Left Over Omelet
Warning its semi-healthy......

  • Egg whites(I guess as many as you are hungry) I use about 4
  • Broccoli or English Peas(already cooked usually from the night before)
  • Meat-chicken,steak, lean pork chops, hamburger (whatever was last nights dinner and yeah its already seasoned!)
Seperate egg whites from yolk, and wisk in bowl.  Add a little pepper.  Stir in veggies.  Pour into skillet. 
(Note: I find the best way to make a omlet is to have the skillet really hot...with olive oil or Pam.  Then when you pour the eggs in turn it down to med.  to med. high.)
Now once omlet is cooked well on that side.  Add in your finely chopped meat of choice and fold one side of omlet over. 
Cook on each side of folded omlet until not runny anymore. 

I have another one called the Stuffed Bell Pepper Omlet.....My friend Misti and I could absolutely die for!

Here is my Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe

Bell Peppers
ground turkey( usually seasoned with Low Sodium Dales)

Cook couscous.  Steam brocolli (not to much!). Cook ground turkey.  Mix Couscous, turkey, and brocolli in big bowl.  Spoon into carved out Bell Pepper. Put leftover mix around base of Peppers.   Bake in oven safe bowl until peppers are warm. 

Now the next morning.  Chop up a left over bell pepper and pour mix into egg whites. I don't ever need any seasoning with this!  This usually works best if you use a big skillet and alot of egg whites!(Note, I will usually use at least one yolk in this one)  I make one big omlet and share it!  Misti and I have been know to finish off more than a few of these!

Wow, I am really hungry.  Going to go make one.......while I watch yoga on tv.  Watch....I did not say participate.  Guess I better get that Civ. test finished as well.  Easy.  Got lots to do today. 


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