Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hello from Books-a-million

Sitting in Auburn at BAM, got the whole day to kill while J takes a Logging course he has gotta take. I am guessing is kinda redundant for someone who has been in the business for ...well forever.  I ate a blueberry muffin. Drank a rasberry white chocolate mocha.  Read 4 pages of Homer's Odessey. Watched 11 kids eat rice krispie treats and drink milk(I am guessing a field trip). Gave up on the Odessey contemplated on paying a ridiculous 5$ for Wifi, when lo and behold(yes I just said that) Verizon finally kicked in and I have my own damn wireless connection.  Screw you BAM.  Now what.  I have only killed.  1 hour 48 .....49 minutes.    Apparently I can be easily amused.  I dig the webcam.  Yet there is only so many pics you can take of yourself sitting at Joe Muggs.  Lets see what else do I got.....Oh yeah, going to get a few new books while I am here.  Happiness Project definetly being one of them.  Stoked about that one.  Okay, I am reaching here.  I need more caffeine.....maybe just sleep.  That 4:00am wake up call came early.  I am totally brain dead.  Which is totally my excuse for not being able to read the Odessey.  I'll write more later.  Totally have a video to post.  No, its not me at Joe Mugs. 

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