Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Horse Drama.....hee hee

I got to watch this today.

  Got a text.....Come hop in the truck and join me.  Mmmmm, okay.  Of course bring my camera.  Its freezing....but I like the view.  And the babies loved the hay.  I love watching them follow J around.....probably just the hay. 

Look at those ears.  I love horse foreheads and ears. 

The white one(don't you love how horse educated I am) is Houston's horse Snowflake.....she is prego and  baby is coming in May or June.  The brown and white horse is Silver(heigh ho Silver).  He is the dad.  Turns out he is a two timing, no good.....Just kidding, but he did knock up this yellow horse too.  This  is Butter, J's horse.  Butter is due in May or June too.......Which means he was sleeping with two women at the same time. Stud.   
Ah , yes just another day here on the farm.  In the country.  In lower Alabama baby.  We even got a soap opera. Or horse opera......Why do they call it Soap Opera anyway? 

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