Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am Books-a-Million...

Back in Auburn again today.  Last day of this course, and I seriously considered shutting the alarm clock off, kicking J out of bed and telling him "have a good day".  In fact when I was making my coffee.....the percolator broke.  Well technically its been broke but sometimes I can get it to work.  Not today though.  Nope, not at 4:45am when I really needed it.  Thanks. I grabbed the ibuprofen ......stated what a great day it was going to be and got in the truck.  I promptly fell asleep until almost Selma, where J must of not been able to put up with my snoring any longer and started poking a straw at my nose.  Boys.   Well, I dropped him off, and headed to Kroger where I was determined to buy a few things so I did not blow my diet today.  Cause you know much as we bitch about the cold weather....soon it will be swimsuit weather. And I would HATE to have to boycott summer because my lard ass is not fitting into a swimsuit.  I live way to close to the beach now.  Going to take advantage of it.  Thank you very much.  I plan on doing nothing else actually.  Pool, Lake, Beach.....repeat.  So now I am in the bookstore, where I found a comfy chair to sit and study my Psychology.  Only I am on the internet.  Can you say procrastinator?  Pro-crasti-nator.  I got two papers to write as well....If only they were as easy as writing on the blog.  Well Lator -gators......Psy is calling. 

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