Monday, February 15, 2010

K hearts Butter

J brought over Butter today for some exercise.  I think he has big ideas about K and horses.  He is really into getting her on them and teaching her.  Which is pretty cool because she is willing.  
I put her up for a few minutes with him.....

then she got on by herself.  He taught her how to get her to go(I am positive there is a word for that), how to stop her(Whoa), how to lead her left and right.  I was really impressed.  She doesnt have much authority yet.  No real umpf in her clicking and kicking, but she was getting it.
Maybe its because she knows Butter has a baby in her tummy. Kendal kept telling me....Mommy, Butter has my baby horse in her tummy.  She is already thinking of names for her horse.  We both hope its a girl....but i told her that horses should have two Blue Jeans(Hannah Montanah horse) or Sugar Baby(my horse when I was a kid).....We will keep thinking on names.   
She has no fear though.  Unlike the boys....who run in the opposite direction!  Hou's fear I know comes from getting bucked off....but not sure if Rye's fear comes from the story of Hou getting bucked off or what.  He has never been scared before!

My beautiful baby girl.....could someone please tell her not to grow up!  I can't stand it.  She is getting taller by the day and I want her to still be my baby!  Okay....emotional mommy moment over.

Look....J can keep his mouth shut....I actually got on and he did not have to tell me how to ride because I already knew.....MUCH to his surprise.  Look how cool I am in my running shoes, and guy harvy t.......Not exactly riding wear but he springs things on me!  He just brings horses up to the house and says "hey get on!"  Well okay but I was totally lounging! 

Well he was happy, he got both his girls on a horse.  Butter got some much needed exercise and soon she will not be ridable(is that a word?) Now J, go put Butter up....Its cold, wet  and she is Prego! 

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