Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday 13....

Here you go, I am not very creative with my T-13 post today so I give you 13 random things from my day.
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1. Its 9:53pm and the house is asleep.  I am blogging in bed while J sleeps. 

I absolutely love webcams.  He would kill me if he knew I just took a pic of him sleeping.  shhhh.......

2. Just got a voice recording from the school.  Looks like there is No school tomorrow.  Great.  This better be one heck of a snowstorm! 
3. Mardi Gras may be cancelled......hopefully just postponed.  If all this snow everyone is talking about comes then I may not be able to leave until Saturday.
4.  I was totally introduced to this awesome place in Selma, AL.  Technically yesterday.  Its this little market store that has the most amazing meat.  Like chicken wrapped in bacon, porkchops, steaks, seafood.  J cooked some tonight.....and it was awesome! 
5.  While we were at Marks Market yesterday I got some interesting looking wine.  Their wine selection was out of this world.  I could have stayed in there all day.  Kylene and I are definetly making a trip back.  Here is what I got. 
Big Tatoo Red- I got this California Red because....well because I love tatoos and see that Fleur de lis......thats my next tat!
The Other- Okay this wine looks sinfully good.  It is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40%  Merlot, and 10% Syrah.  Hello yes.
The Red Guitar- This was J's pick.....a nice Spanish Red.
6. I totally finished my paper on the Odyssey.  Its good too and it only took me.......8 hours to finish it.  It ended up being a 4 page essay.....I think I am an overachiever.
7. The house looks like St. Valentine threw up all over it.  There are cards, balloons, and candy everywhere.  The day is not even here and the kids have had so much already.  Its pretty sweet though.....but I got to get the candy out of the house! 
8. Got my book yesterday.....I heart it.
9. J is logging close to the house lately.....this week he is across the street.  So he came and got the kids and let them see what he does...of course the boys took off to grandma's house but K......she took off in the woods with J.....she had her camera too (this girl is so good)

10. K got in her Kindergarten graduation pics....Love them....and really glad that since we have to go through this ridiculous ritual least she did not have another white robe picture like she had last year for her preschool graduation.  Why are we going over the top with all these graduations? 
Not sure why this pic looks all distorted....I like A.

11. J and I had a long ride back from Auburn last night and we got on the subject of Ray Stevens which led to the subject of Jerry Clower.  I told him how old Jerry was all my dad used to listen to and we were talking about how funny it was. So tonight we got online and listen to a bunch of his skits on youtube.  As well as Ray Stevens and even so Lewis Grizzard.  If you have never heard of any of these yourself a favor listen, your funny bone will be thankful......Laughter-its good for the soul. 
Ray Stevens
Its me again Margret.....are you Naked!!!!  Watch this one and the Mississippi Squirrel
Jerry Clower
This is the guy I know best......Thanks dad . 
We also listened to some Lewis Grizzard.  Which is absolutely hilarious. 
12. In 1 hour it is supposed to start snowing.  I don't hear anything yet.  I wonder if all those people who ran to the store to get milk and bread will be dissapointed.  I did not go to the store.  I figure we can live on Valentines' candy, soda, and if things get really wild I got my wine.
13. It took me exactly 1 hour to write this post.... I don't have much I am going to call it a night. Put down the laptop and curl up next to my man.  Night Night.

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