Friday, February 12, 2010

Trying to Reason with a whole heck of lot of snow!

Good Morning.
Its snowing and it has been since about 4 am, with no stopping in site.  Forecast says until about 4 pm. 
We have all been up since 5:45, which is ridiculous. 
Have to teach the kids that you do not go outside with bare feet.
You would think they were raised in AZ or something.  That stuff is cold children.  Yes you have to put a jacket on.  No Rye you can not wear a cut off tshirt.  I don't care if you are hot.
Look , they even all posed for me........
But it didn't last long
They would rather have a snow fight
Me and Bear(the neighborhood) dog would rather watch from the porch.
Poor baby, the boys ganged up on her.

Then they gave up snow ball fights in favor of eating snow. Don't eat the yellow snow!!!!!

and making snow angels

and making art

Happy snow day everybody.....

I will leave you with this cool fact brought to you by the Weather Channel.  If it snows in Florida....this will be the first time all 50 states have snow......pretty cool. 

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