Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Flat Stanley

What is Flat Stanley you ask?  Its a project that kindergarten teachers inflict on parents because they do not have enough to do.   Kidding.   Sorta.    
Flat Stanley is this little boy who wanted to go on adventures so his family flattened him and put him in envelopes and mailed him all over.  Or something like that.  I may have my facts not straight.  Anywho.  K had to spend the weekend with Flat Stan and then he is going on adventures to NOrth Carolina where he will spend a week with Juliet and Jimmy because I am sure she has nothing better to do then do a project for my  child. (really, I love you Juliet....Thanks)  Here is what we have so far.

Flat Stanley helps K with homework
Flat Stanley plays with My little Ponies and has his own bed.
Flat Stanley rides Butter 
and drives
and gets his toes done. 

You see.  He is really a great catch.  SWM looking for love. Likes the outdoors, drives  a truck, supportive or your work and likes to play.  He loves children and respects the fact that you need a break. 
See ya, Flatty
 Make a new plan Stan.....(come on , sing along.) "Get on the bus Gus"
You guys need some music education. 
Here you go.
Paul Simon
50 ways to leave your lover

and while we are at it....don't you just love him?  I mean Paul not Flat Stanley.  I do.  I like him by himself and also with Garfunkel.

Here is my favorite Paul Simon song:

Maybe its just Chevy.....not sure.  I love that man.  He is almost unbearable to watch but yet I can't stop.  In fact we refrence Chevy quite often.  I have even stood at the Grand Canyon , shook my head and said "lets go"  I mean you have to do it.  And who has not jumped into a cold pool and exclaimed "its good, its good, its good"  Just me?  Really?  Hmpf!

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~*Shananagins*~ said...

Hilarious! Yup I have heard of flat stanley and remember it er..him quite well...very funny!