Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quite a Blustery Day

This is just a mild spring zephyr compared to the big wind of '67. Or was it, uh, '76? Oh, well, no matter. Oh, I remember the big blow well. "

Sorry , its hard for me to say Blustery Day without quoting Pooh.  I mean Christopher Robbins and I were a  "thing" for quite some time and all. 

Anyway about this zephyr...The kind of day you stay inside.  In bed and if you have no company to share that bed with, you can catch up on some work.  Like my blog.  That I have neglected all for a good reason of course.  I did make a 97 on the Psychology exam I went to FP for, and a 96 on my Western Civ. midterm.  Thats pretty much it.  I have some other papers and stuff I wrote but those teachers do not seem too concerned so neither shall I. 

I do think I will empty my head here this morning, wrap up the month of February, and think about March. 
I may make a list. 
I will try it, but please forgive me if I go off rambling....its my way.

1. I am so stinking excited about this
I am sorry but they do not apparently want the embedded code out just clicky!
Here is a hint:
Alice in Freaking Wonderland
It looks fan freaking tastic and I don't care what those silly boys say....we are going and we are going to eat popcorn and watch a movie.  All of us!  And they will like it....and thank me afterwards. 
and check out this cake from Cakewrecks:
Hello awesome.

2. I am really into these shows right now:

and this one:

I swear we watch these every night.  Also so worthy contenders: Axmen(of course the logger watches this), Big love is fabulous this season, Pickers, and of course some American Idol. 

I know you are all falling over, because if you knew me , you would know I have not watched tv in like 3 years.  Relationships......they change people.  Don't want to change, don't do it.

3. So I was never Skype literate....but now I am !  Last night K and I had a video convo with Misti and her girls.  I realized very quickly that I do not have a microphone so we ended up getting on speaker and watching each other.  BUT , it was awesome and we are going to do it with Juliet and hopefully the kids dad too.  I love it! 

4. I got this cool new wine....but i have not opened it yet because.....I have just been to busy.

50%Cabernet 50%Shyrrah
Can't wait....think that Ky and I are going to dive in this weekend. 
5.That and Crawfish........
Crawfish and Beer...YEAH! 
Something I was introduced to last year.......and I love it!  J, Ky, and I have been talking about for a month now.  The time is here.
6. This girl cracks me up.....We are now into taking baths with our bathing suits on.  She...not we.  I am not getting in a bathing suit.  NOpe.  She is so ready for bathing suit weather she can hardly stand it.
 7. Speaking of K......she is loving riding the horses.  Boys are scared most of the time although Sunday we got them on for about 5 minutes.  K loves it and was riding back to the house while J rode along side of her.  I was walking.  Well Butter decides to get a wild hair and takes off.  K starts screaming and holds on for dear life.  I tried not to laugh because that is serious, but she never fell off!  She held on and J caught her. 

Bad Butter!

8.I have been spending my nights with Jamie and Claire again..  I can't help  it. 
"No wonder he was so good with horses, I thought blearily, feeling his fingers rubbing gently behind my ears, listening to the soothing, incomprehensible speech. If I were a horse, I'd let him ride me anywhere."
Da mi basia mille~~Dien mille altera
I think I am going to take up Latin......Cause I need something else to do. 

Okay, I am kinda caught up. Not really that was all pretty random.  I wish I had the discipline to blog as I go.  I empty my thoughts instead of storing them all up.  Maybe one day I will get better at it.  Maybe. 
As for March....its going to get busy.  Spring semester always flies and there is so much to do!  I am  on a roll with school and don't have anything to hard in front of me.  Kids have got a little bit of spring fever and baseball season is starting.  I am interested to see how the boys do.  It  is kinda nice to always have a throwing partner.....and well I have fun getting out there and playing catch with them.  Rye is already begging for a Wrigley Field trip this summer.  We may just do it too.  Road Trip with the kids sounds incredible.  No plans, no reservations, just go.  I likes the sound of that. 
"Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs Go, Hey Chicago , what do you say, the Cubs are going to win today!"

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~*Shananagins*~ said...

Quite adorable I must say! Thanks so much for sharing it with me! I am totally a winnie the pooh childrenn all watched him with me when they were little wee they are no so wee...but i the post and good luck with the school work...God bless and Happy blogging!