Monday, March 08, 2010

Good Monday Morning.....

I feel a little refreshed.....I had a good weekend.  I have finished said powerpoint presentation.  I have finished some other assignments as well.  I am not ahead but right on track. One more week and its HOLIDAY!  Kids and I both have holiday from school and I am going to enjoy it!  Spring break is so much fun, but I will not have the kids the whole this chickie is going to put her toes in the same.....I WILL!
So let me fill you in on my weekend. 
Friday Night....we did a whole lot of this.  

A whole heck of alot of crawfish!
The boys sat back and surveyed the damage......
I think J's hands were up in surrender.......
Then Saturday night we did this.....

Okay, no pictures....but we had a blast.....We rode around with friends... I was introduced to a few things like "ridin back roads" and a few other choice activities!  LOL......We had a great time....and when J and I rolled in at close to 4am....I knew it was going to hurt the next day!

Sunday I met Ky and  family over in Meridian to watch Alice!
Fabulous movie, the kids and I really enjoyed it.  I can't wait to own this one! 
The kids and I were not in the mood for shopping(but when am I really?)  so we headed home....but I had to make them do something silly.  And this really goes along with my previous posts of bucket list type things......From the movie A Walk to in two places at one time.

My kids were in Mississippi and Alabama at the same time...

And thankyou to the people driving by honking...........I had to do it people....I think its cool!

Yes!  Damn good weekend and we needed it.   It has been a stressful few weeks. Spring is here and I am so ready this holiday break. 

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