Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday 13

13 Completely random thoughts from me........

1. Why 13 random thoughts?  Because I feel completely braindead and I only have had a 1/2 cup of coffee..  Not enough, not enough

2.Why does everyone seem to be doing thursday meme's on Wednesday's ......I don't get it. Either you guys are way on the ball or I am an even bigger procrastinator then I thought.

3. Speaking of which I have 1 midterm, 1 Psy tes, 2 psy extra point quizes, 1 music paper, 1 powerpoint presentation, 1 west. civ test, and 4 English discussions, to do by..............I am saying Monday at the latests. 

4. I really hope J did not want any dinner, laundry, or cleaning done.......really.  Because I can not do it all.  Plus I need to shop some, and go see Alice in Wonderland(duh!)

5. I am really sore.....Like so sore it hurts to sit down on the I hold on to the wall in hopes that I will not lose my grip and end up falling..........You know what I am talking about.  The kind of sore that makes it impossible to hold the hair dryer up to dry your hair.   Thats how sore I am.  Thank you Jillian Michaels.....I just can't wait to spend an hour with you every day.  Ha!  It even hurts to laugh. 

6. I love Skype and I can't wait for Rye and K to talk to their dad tonight on it.  I think it will be a great fun way for them to see and talk to him.  He has it all set up as well.......i just need to go get a microphone. 

7.  These things are evil and so counterproductive...... I really wish they would quit fundraisers like this.   There are so many other options out there.   I would give a dollar to not have them in my house!

They are lurking everywhere........

8. Daffodills....They are popping up everywhere.  They remind me of my grandmother.  My memaw love daffodills and they were planted all over in front of this side door to her house.  I can remember them so vividly.  So this week they popped up , I promptly cut some and filled a jar.

9. Why are they selling spring break tshirts.  I think that is kinda weird.  I have never seen a school do this.  Anywho.

10. I really don't want to go work out today.....I am that sore....But I am going....Showing up is half the battle.  I wonder? What is your motivation?

11. American idol will be back on tonight.....which means another night of tv.  I am so ready for summer.  I want to be outside enjoying it.  I love summer night runs and walks too......not sitting in front of the tv.  I don't even care who they boot off. 

12. Baseball tryouts are this weekend.  Everyone seems so nervous around here.  I am not.  I know my kid can wail and all he has to do is show up that day with his A game.  He is so stinking into it.  I mean its his sport and he is totally on fire with it.  Speaking of which I promised I would look up the Mobile BayBears tickets.  Can you not smell it in the air.  Hotdogs, beer, baseball.........Go Cubs Go........Hey Chicago , what do you say....the Cubs are going to win today!

13. Kendal slept in her bed last whining, no crying , no fuss......Of Course she has motivation.  If she does this until Spring Break I am going to paint her room while she is gone to her Dad's house.  I have had enough of nighttime battles.  I want my baby to feel secure and at ease here.  So she is marking days off on her calendar.  If she makes it until this weekend she gets to spend the night at a friends.  So she has some quick motivation now. 

Okay....there you have it 13 Thursday random things in my head.......


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Love your TT! Your 'About Me' made me laugh...I had to read it to my husband...sooo me! You crack me up - I guess I crack myself up to then, right?

jehara said...

I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland either. I am going to the morning matinee tomorrow. :)

colleen said...

The originator of TT meant for them to be random. I've done over 200 and they were already going when I started. I spent years doing them on Thursday before I realized that some were posted on Wednesday and getting mega comments.