Thursday, March 04, 2010

Facebook vs. Reality

My friend Ky and I were having this convo today after a rather gruesome workout where we seemed to just flail around in agony.  We usually go sit on the porch in the sun with a drink(not alcohol people) and just bask in the glory of our awesomeness for making it hem.  We started talking about some things we want to do this weekend, for spring break and this summer.  We have big plans and we talk alot about them, but we decided to simmer down for this weekend.  We thought about getting out of town to Bham or Mobile but decided we would just stick around here and take a day trip to the big town of Meridian.  Anyway, this is when Ky strikes up and says "You know......thats the thing I hate about Facebook!  You see all these people going places and doing things.....but you have no idea what their lives are like really......I mean anyone can put  a bunch of stuff to make their lives seem FABULOUS.....but it really."  I have smart friends and she is exactly right.  Sometimes I get so down over bullshit on FB.  I mean are peoples lives that stinking great?????  The cruises, the fairytale weddings, the fabulous husbands who rub their feet?????  Really.  I mean how many of us actually live that way?  Kudos to you if you do but my reality is not that way.  Don't get me wrong I have been on some great trips, I have taken off on some roadtrips, I have a few great and Fabulous friends all over the states......but lets face in and day out I am not just overflowing in Awesomeness!  I mean I live here in the country, there is not alot to do, I have tons of housework and schoolwork, I work out, I have 3 kids, and a guy who is gone many hours of the day even weekends.  I like my life don't get me wrong.....I chose it but I am not about to go on FB and shout from the virtual rooftops that I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!! ITS SO FABULOUS!.....and no my man did not come home for me last night cook dinner, clean house, or give me a back rub.  Nor did I expect it.   I am just saying I get sick of posts like that.  If your man is doing all that....than here again Kudos!  I just think for the rest of us....that is not reality.  Reality sometimes Bites. I also get sick of all those posts by Moms.....I am going to get flamed here but I got my big girl panties on so bring it.  Moms on FB......I get tired of posts that say....My child is a prodigy, genious, sweet, loving , can do no wrong  child and I am so blessed........Now all I am saying is I can't stand posts like this.  I have nothing against you or the child of yours.  I am happy if you are such a positive person, good for you.  I am not.....I am a pessimist.  I embrace it.  I am not unhappy though!!!!  I love my children Dearly!  I am blessed to have them in my life.  But every now and then being a mother is more than I can take.  Like when K is screaming at the top of her lungs because she can't have her way.....or when R furls his brow at me and talks back like only a 9year old can.  Or when they say a cuss word and in undoubtably came from listening to me!  OY!  All I am saying is I just get sick of all the FB  bull.  Lets be real people.  Next time post your "Well, the dishes are piled in the sink, the floor has not been swept in days, there are LOADS of laundry I am too lazy to do, and the kids are running around crazy.....but I am tired and don't really feel like dealing with any of it so where is that bottle of wine"~~~~~ Honesty.....thats my motto. I shoot from the hip....thats exactly what I do.  Never expect anything less from me.   Okay....rant and rave over.  I am going back to my imperfect life that I can be quite content with even if I do drink.....Never before 12pm people...thats just silly.


Beth said...

I *am* being honest when I post that my life is great. Seriously. Sure, bad stuff happens, but I personally hate to see the whiners post all the "pity me" posts on FB. Even when life gets bad I try to look on the positive side. If I don't, I might lose my mind. Sorry it bothers you, but stuffing sunshine up my butt is how I deal.

~Bry~ said...

You know Beth, I have the pleasure of knowing you personally and I have never seen you being fake and if you were stuffing sunshine up your butt I never noticed because you are a great person to hang with even at 2am! I also agree that the "pity posts" are just as awful as the "over the top" posts. Guess I have seen a rash of posts lately that just put me over the edge....but thats me and I have really been hating FB lately.