Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday fill ins and the letter N.....

1. I'd like nothing more than this semester to be behind me.........just a few more weeks!

2. One of my most favorite romantic memories is kissing in the pouring rain up against a certain someone's truck.

3. Last night, I had chicken,salad, and baked potatoe for dinner.

4. Sorry for the inconvience but I can only please one person is not your day....tomorrow does not look promising either.

5. Can we stop the insanity now? No....because its working.

6. One of my worst temptations is candy; pretty much all of it is hard to resist!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my son's baseball game, tomorrow my plans include spending time with J and going to bike rally and crawfish festival and Sunday, I want to relax until its time to go get kiddos.

The letter N....
No joke, Numbers, Needless to say, Nevermind, and Not my fault.

No joke, I am so excited its the weekend.  Number one because its been a long week.  Number 2 because I am exhausted from this long week.  Number 3 because I only have one more Insane workout and then a day off....yeah! Number 4 because I feel like I have not seen J all week and I need some J and me time! Needless to say that this has been a trying week.  It always is when schedules change.  Ball games started, J's work picked up, school is winding down form me......Nevermind the workout regime I decided to start. 

With a week like this one.......I have come up with some Not My Faults.....I will add them here.

1. Its not my fault that you can not find your other black baseball sock.....You bring me the laundry , I wash it, you put it away.  Be responsible.....this is not my fault.

2. Its not my fault that you did not get to eat breakfast.....I got you up, got you in the shower, if you decide to play in your room until 2 minutes before its time to go.....its not my fault.  You know where the kitchen is. 

3. Its not my fault that you can not find your shoes........Everything has a place and all you got to do is put it there.  Not my fault.

4. Not my fault I forgot to get drinks at the store........My body and brain have been sucked dry by late nights and insanity videos. .....I got everything else on the list. 

That may be all......maybe.  Life feels insane right now and each night J and I fall into bed, asleep before we hit the pillows.   Of course thats life with kids in activities, my school is close to finals and the end of the school year for the kiddos.  I am doing everything I can just to make it through all the laundry, get homework finished, and feed the kids.......but my workouts are helping. I love the  feeling of exhaustion from them and I can go on with my day with a clearer head.   I am feeling the running fever as well....just trying to get past this initial soreness. Big race coming old nemesis.   I don't have the energy or the time to train anyone else right now.  I know that there are a few people that would like me to help in this department, but I don't have it right now. Nothing selfish just not enough hours in the day and sometimes you got to just get in a better place before you can help someone else. 

Now I am off to read some Carpe Diem Poems and write a paper.......

Carpe Diem.....Sieze the Day!


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Hang in there girl! Hang in there.

Now I'm suddenly craving chicken salad and baked potatoes. HA!

Lady Jayne said...

4. Sorry for the inconvience but I can only please one person is not your day....tomorrow does not look promising either.

That made me laugh right out loud! Brilliant!

Double Wide Mom said...

Here from Friday Follow and I am your newest! Love your signature box and Carpe Diem to you too!

Eclipsed said...

Number 4 almost made me pee my pants. Following back from Friday Follow. Can't wait to read more about you.

Grammy said...

I love your Not my faults! ha. Just too on spot!