Saturday, April 10, 2010

I is for Incommunicado

Incommnicado.....thats where I have been today. Opening Day of Little League and we have been at the park all day. This is crazy.  People in the little bitty town are serious.  I don't get it.  Oh.....and  I had no cell service and no laptop service.  Awesome. Like I said.....Incommunicado.

It was a busy day of opening ceremonies, pictures, and wating on games to start.  R's game was rough.  The boys looked nervous out there.  R had a rough time at bat but a few good in field plays.  H's game was not much better but they came out winning by 1. 

Me.....I got some sun.  Seriously.....which is strange for me......Lower Alabama.  Weird. 

Here are the boys.....all sweet

Now stop that.....

I just want one good one.....come on

Oh .....forget it.....

On a side note.....
Thank you to all my visitors today!!!! I will get around to visiting everyone soon. 


Grammy said...

Adorable boys! I have four grandsons and 2 great grandsons. Little boys are so special to me! Little girls too, because I have two daughters,a granddaughter and 4 great grands. I love 'em all.
I'll be back.

Wanda said...

Handsome boys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend