Thursday, April 01, 2010

A is for April, Anxious, Attitude.....A A A

I am following a new challenge.  Its called the A to Z Challenge and you can check it all out .......Link in the sidebar.  Basically is a challenge to write a blog everyday in the month of April, starting with the letter A.  Its great to have prompts some days, because there are times that I have nothing and feel very empty.  It is true that I have been blogging for many years.  Sometimes not at all faithfully but I have gotten better over the years and now it is one of my favorite things to do online.  I love writing but also reading other blog that interest me.  I have been prompted to laugh, cry , and think about so many different things because of blogging.  I have held back, skimmed the surface and at times said too much.  So without futher adieu........
Here is my April 1st post. 

A is for April

April is not one of my favorite months.  Its one of those months that I want to just get over so Summer can COME ON!  I always feel anxious(another A word), like I am waiting.  Waiting for school to let out, waiting for baseball to start up, waiting for lazy days without schedules.  April does not even have Spring Break going for it anymore.  I remember having Spring break when it was actually warm....not snowing. 


I do have something to look forward to.  April is J's birthday month and I have a super duper surprise for him.  Something he has been asking for forever.  Now if I could just keep the man from buying the damn thing before his birthday.  Interestingly enough....J shares the same birthday as my Papa.  He would have been 91 years old this month.  It is also my dad's birthday....and if I am not mistaken its his 60th???? 


A is for Attitude as well.  Thats what we all have around here lately.  The boys have it, the princess has it, I have it, J has it.  Maybe its because we are so sick of the weather yo-yoing(is that a word?)   Its rainy, its cold, its 75 degrees, its windy.....its.......there is no telling from one day to the next.   All I know is we are all a little tired from it and the weather does not help the Loggers work at all.  So we have attitude.  A little Spring Fever as well, but I am quite sick of the attitude.  If I get one more whine, talk back, or stomp and stare.......My attitude is going to blow up......or at least take me to the beach. 


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Entertaining post! My fiance and mother have the same birthday too - and they're Taureans. Attitude galore!

How do you deal with it? Do you get stuck in the middle?

~Bry~ said...

Ha! Well yes He is a stubborn Bull! What does not help is that I am a Virgo.....Its either my way or the highway! Oh yeah, its been lots of fun!