Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quiet evening .....

I find myself having an unplanned quiet evening at home tonight.  J has not made it in....yet....(ignoring voice in my head that is saying..."its 7:15, where the hell is he?") and the kids have gone to church.  So I made dinner.....Porkchops, rice, salad.....and no one to eat with.  Kinda makes me not hungry as well.

I did remember I had some pictures to share.  Rye had an eye doctor apt. yesterday and we were in Meridian, MS.....which is not close to where we live....but  We  were downtown and we noticed that on every block there was carousel horses, each decorated differently.  Rye and I drove around taking a few pics(and trying to maneuver one way streets).  These were the ones we could get....without causing a wreck.

Definetly my favorite!

There were tons more but like I said....I did not want to cause a wreck!

I asked my friend Ky....what they were all about because interestingly enough......Selma, AL has their downtown covered in giant butterflies.  Each one different.  Which I have yet to take pictures of but I will get over that way eventually.  Well Ky told me it is because of the giant carousel that is in Meridian.  Pretty cool right.  So I wonder what is up with the butterflies in Selma? 

Well I did so more research and there are over 50 around town in a project called Around Town Carousels Abound and they are sponsored by business and proceeds go to the benefit the Hope Villiage For Children.  Pretty great I think! 
It is always cool to explore new cities and find out what is going on there. I was simply taking pictures and I got to learn so much more.   I also here that this giant Carousel is a great place for birthday parties.
Here is a link to this totally awesome Carousel that I can not wait to visit!

Oh and this is way off the subject but I had to take a picture of this cool old sign I saw in downtown.

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