Monday, April 12, 2010

J is for juvenescent

Look it is a word.
Juvenescent......becoming youthful. 
That is what we did. 
Sunday....I awoke early and did some homework...Kids slept in and so did J.  
Then we headed outside for some much needed yardwork.  
J and K got on the tractor.....R pouted over a pile of wood I made him move and Me....I cleaned and detailed the two vehicals. H was with his Mom this he missed out on all the fun.
We worked a few hours.....I fussed with R about having to work on Sunday.....which ended in him getting a wooden spoon across his butt......because I swear if that boy rolls his eyes at me one more time!   You know what he had the audacity to say to me?  "Why do we have to do all this work.....I thought Weekends we got to take breaks".................Breathe mama.
But I lost it.
Who the hell gets breaks around here.....I clean, do laundry, run you guys around, sit at baseball practices, take care of uniforms, and I have one day at home on the weekend......and guess what the yard needs mowing and the cars need cleaning.  Breaks?
We can not walk in the yard because its a jungle out there......and you can not drive the car because the stuff is piled to the ceiling

What is the matter with kids these days......they are all so ..............entitiled.

and here is the crazy thing....
J....My sweet J had a plan up his sleeve all along.
Yes, we had some work to do and if everyone pitched in, it was going to get finished faster, and then we would play.  J's the kind of guy he keeps it all a secret  too.  He just came in and said......everyone get in the truck! 

Turns out there was a impromtu get together at the creek.
Let me explain the world I live in....
J's paw paw owns all this land with ponds and creeks....and cows.
Everyone in the family owns land around his land....
We live just next door to paw paw and then there are some of J's brothers, and cousins, and aunts and uncles....We all take up this 10 mile radius.....

Its country ya'll.....You guys.

So everyonee starts linking each other and heading back to the creek on four wheelers and in the trucks........

Cause its Hot
80 and supposed to be there all week!

So we head  over too.....
and the kids loved it! 

Kendal was first.....of course there were lots of girls there playing....and she had been bathing suit ready long before she new about the creek

R.....who said he would not be getting in......

Well he got in....and got a little rough actually
The H came home....and the boys started a mud tackle fight....

Then the big boys could not resist and started playing......

and it took 3 guys....and about 15 trys...
because J was not giving up without a fight!

 he lost.......but he took them all down with him.

and since you know me and songs.......
I could not resist...
a little Craig Morgan......this one is for you J.......

 I was raised in the sticks,

That's where I get my kicks,

Tailgatin' with my buddies,

Boots and dog and tires all muddy,

Cold drinks chillin' in the creek,

God's green earth for my seat,

I Feel at home around a crowd of hicks

Whats a city girl to do?
I love this


Shannon said...

Bry, that was lucky you are to live out in the country! It took me back to when my family used to go to the ranch every summer...great memories, thanks for bringing them to mind :)

Chryifiwant2 said...

Kids, indeed--sounds like everyone had fun!

Wanda said...

Looks like you guys had great fun.

Wanda said...

Looks like you guys had great fun.

Beth said...

Oh My Goodness! That looks like awesome fun! :) And great memories for your kiddos! And a life lesson to boot!

Raquel Byrnes said...

You made me jealous! Sounds so relaxing and fun. Loved the pictures.

Grammy said...

Ha, what a lot of fun you all had! I am not a water dog, but I enjoy watching other people have fun in the water. I don't swim, but envy those who can.
Beautiful pics.

Anonymous said...

Good times well earned with hard labor. I like it.