Wednesday, April 14, 2010

K is for......

I just could not think of anything to write about for K.  So I will write about my daughter......Kendal. 

I did a photo shoot with her a couple weeks ago....

 Little Miss Magic....I will add a little more here. her mother made over.
I am not just saying that .....she really is. 

K has a thousand nicknames....
We call her K, Lucy, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Lulu, Kitkat, Karebear, Kacy but mostly K.K.

K is the kind of girl who gets under your skin. She draws you in and wraps you around her little finger.  The first time I layed eyes on her I though this girl is going to drive me wild.  She does do that but I love it.  I enjoy every minute of it even when I am fussing with her to get out of bed(not a morning person), or arguing with her over her hair.  For those who need only brush the ringlets when they are wet.....then you let air dry.  This gives goldilocks her curls. 
She is 6 going on 16........boys watch out and for the record J says she is not dating until she is 30.
Or after her doctorate degree....
She says she will be a dentist oh and a singer/dancer.  

She does not listen........its her way or the hiway.

and when she realizes that its mamas way......she pouts.

She loves her brother so much its crazy.  She calls him bubby and he is hers.  We are still trying to sell her on her new brother H.  She is not sold yet but she has her moments. Just yesterday she said... " You can not fix a Hou with a Kendal".  
 Like I always say.....To Alpha's don't ever get it right.  Ask J and I how we know! 

she has the biggest heart.....and she will give it away freely.

She wears heels better than I do! Not that she needs them......She is roughly 4'9.......she looks like an 8 year old now and people ask me constantly....."is she really only in kindergarten".........yep.....I have my hands full.

and she is an excellent dancer and she loves her friends

She is our Christmas baby and ever since I got her for a present adds up.  Every year she takes a pic in this stocking because that is what the nurses gave her to me in. 

This year she got a foot in.  How in the world is she 6?

She thinks she's all that.

and she is.

My mother once said to me that I needed to get a handle on her.  That she was just so fussy and complained that she was too hard headed and not easy to get along with.  My mom said that I was the same way and that that was not good and she tried hard to change it.
  Well if that doesnt sum of my relationship with my mother. 

 The thought I have is this. 
There is nothing to change about her. 
She is great.
I can see her true heart even when its got a scowl on her face.
 Don't change Kendal. 
 Be you. 
 It is okay. 
I am going to love you anyway.

I understand K, because I see so much of myself.  I see the same attitude, fears, dreams.  I just want to build her up, not change her. 

I know this
K is the kind of girl who will go after whatever she wants
She will not take No for an answer.
She will break rules
go on a thousand adventures
and be great

She will never settle
and she will still be wrapping people around her finger
years from now.

and I think that is pretty special...........

xoxoxoxo........I love you KitKat


The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Aww, your daughter is gorgeous!!! And so are you. :)

Beth said...

That is a beautiful post! And you have a beautiful daughter! :)