Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 13, throw up, theories........and cake.

Thursday 13

13 Random things to talk about today. 

1.  I was on the road from 7:30am until 5pm yesterday.  My car never felt so uncomfortable.  Actually I love my Terra......I just don't want to be in it for so long. 

2. Took K to the doctor.  Allergies.  Thank goodness.  Doctor said she is crying and throwing up  to get my attention at night......I should practice tough love.  Well how much tough love can you give a child who is in the fetal position and covered in sweat because her stomach hurts.  She throws up litterally every night.  Her weight is way down and this can not continue. Back on Acid Reflux meds and strict diet.  Tough love.......grrr.  I laid in bed last night and really thought about some of those things the doctor said and the more I thought about it the more angry I got.  I am not going to spank my child ever time she gets up.  I wrote a whole post about this if you are wondering what the heck I am talking about.......I got even less sleep last night.

3. I have a new theory about her sleeping patterns.  She has anxiety about sleeping, yes she does not want to be alone.  She feels scared.  Is this happening because everytime she lays down....acid starts rising.  She gets a sick feeling in her stomach.  She ends up running to the bathroom to hopefully make it to the toilet to throw up. I would feel anxiety about going to bed too.  I would not want to be left alone if this happened everynight.  If she mistaking the burning and aching in her tummy for fear?  I am really starting to rethink some things.  Spanking and making her cry more is not a solution to this.  Moms sometimes you know best! No I am not using this as an excuse for her behavior....hey sometimes she does not exactly what card to pull for me, but not always. 

4. Okay enough talk about throw up........sorry............ I have only 3, 1 page papers to write.  Hopefully to get done today.  Pretty tired from last night. 

5.  Missed posting yesterday but it just was not in the cards.  Yesterday was J's bday.  Nothing much happened.  He got home after 8 pm.  So the 5 of us pretty much had cake and ice cream and called it a night.  Bdays are just not as fun as they used to be right?

6. Yesterday was also my grandfathers bday.  He would have been 91 years old.  Miss you Papa......and man did he love cake.

7. The kids are addicted to Full House.  It started out by episodes that came on in the afternoon.  Then we ordered a few seasons for K to watch.  Its hilarious, they all walk around singing the theme song. 

8. I have a shiner today.  Somehow managed to get smacked in the eye last night.  J has flailing arms at night.  Drives me crazy because I swear I get elbowed.or smacked every night.  It is dangerous.  We need a bigger bed. 

9.  I am reading 2001 Things to do before you Dane Sherwood.  It really is just a bunch of lists, but I love how inspiring just thinking about it is.  I know there are tons of bucket lists and "have you done it lists" around the blog world,  they are great tools for inspirations.

If fact so much I am going to start my own meme about it.  Why not.  Lets see......I will call it.....okay I will work on a name for it.

10. I give up on the rest of the A to Z blog challenge.  I mostly made it.  X Y Z.......Really I got nothing.  The cool thing is, I found some great new blogs, lots of comments shared back and forth, and I wrote alot this month.  Not always deeply.....but hey I am usually.....mostly just surface level anyway. 

11.  Think its too early for cake?  Breakfast of champions.

12. I don't want to be around people who think they are better than everyone else.  I don't have time. And on a side note......why can I not delete my FB.  I hate it so freaking much. 

13. Last but not least.........Go check out my new blog

Trying to Reason with Running for 365 days! ~~~~~~~~>Here
I am super excited about it.  Schools ending and I feel some major kind of urge to get back to running. 

Of course I will still be blogging here.  I just started the new blog to keep track of my runs and find motivation and give inspiration. 

Well I will go for now.  I am positive my Google Reader is full and well it looks like I am going to sit here....maybe it cake....maybe..... and read for a little while before I get started on the papers.  


sherilee said...

OK, I'm going to go read your other post on your child and throwing up at night, but my first inclination is to find a new doctor. Something's going on here and it doesn't sound healthy. So sorry. Sleep is SO very important for all of us. No sleep sucks.

Happy TT!

Grammy said...

Dear Bry, I agree. Find a new doctor if you can. I don't know your dr. availability circumstances, but I hope there are others available. I know you must have considered that your little girl is afraid of something at night (maybe someone is telling her scary stories at school or something. I feel for you, and hope you will be able to get the problem solved soon. I will be praying for you all.

Divaa Divine said...

i wanna read the 2001 things to do before you die :D

i have so much to do and nothing has been done so far!

You can tick me off

Denise said...

Stopping by from The Girl Creative’s New Friend Friday. Already a follower.