Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trying to Reason with the letters V and W

V is for Vicious Cycle

I have gotten behind.  Its lack of sleep.  Its lack of progress on finals and research papers.  Had another rough night with K last night.  I swear the girl is going to have no enamel left on teeth! 

Its  a Vicious Cycle......
Put K to bed, she gets out a couple times, put K back to bed, she cries, she starts coughing, she says her tummy hurts, tell her to come down, and stop crying and she wouldnt get so sick, she starts crying harder, she starts coughing harder, she runs to bathroom to throw up.  Massive amounts of throw up.

This is why she is so skinny, this is why she is so fussy, this is why she will have no enamel.

I don't know what to do anymore.  I have tried everything.  I get her to sleep for a few hours and about the time I lay down and close my eyes......we start the vicious cycle over again. 

I am ready to talk to the doctor.  Can kids take sleeping pills?

Its anxiety actually.  I remember it so well as a child.  Fear of being alone at the dark.  I outgrew it.  I know that she will but how to get her past this stage without scarring? it became a crutch and interupted her sleep more
Music....same thing.
Night lights....she has them. but gets up in the middle of the night and turns on every light in the house.
We try to warn her.....15 minutes until bedtime K.K.
We have somewhat of a routine........its been very hard with baseball season.
She gets plenty of exercise...
We tuck her all in , give her lots of love, strategically place her favorite stuffies around her. 
 Ive tried reward go

Sad part is I feel awful, because I am getting so sleep deprived and I have started yelling.  Last night I yelled so hard.  It was 1am and I had had maybe a total of 10 hours in 3 days!!!  I am not kidding.  The night before this had gone on until 4am!   Last night I lost it and yelled.  I may have woke the whole house up.  It was at that point that I realized something has to change.  My parents did the same thing to me and my anxiety only got worse.  I do not have anxiety and panic attacks anymore.  Thank god!  I simply learned to not get all worked up....but it took me 20 years and a lifetime of watching my mother be riddled with anxiety to find ways to not let things bother me.  Rationality is huge.  Sadly some people simply can not rationalize past their problems. 

So how do I work K past this.  She does not have anxiety anywhere else.  She is outgoing, funny, loving, and a cool kid.  The world changes though when the sun goes down. 

I am starting research and planning on talking to doctor. 

We will get through this! 

as for W today's letter in the A to Z challenge...

Who- J
What- his birthday
When- oh tomorrow
Where- here of course......
Why- why oh why have I not figured out what to get him yet.........Remember he bought his own grill!  grrr.....

Really I need to go to town.... I want to get some grilling accessories and an apron.  I should have got him this one....

but I did not figure that its appropriate around the kids.  They can all read you know. 
Anyway....figured I could work on something but I am running out of time.  Wonder if I should grab kids from school and go shopping.  Its only an hour to the mall. We could technically get back in time...........cutting it close though.  Maybe I should go by myself in the morning. 

Also he wants a Peanut Butter Pie.....
Where in the heck did he come up with this. 
Actually there are mennonites that live not far from here and that is where he gets it.....
I need a recipe or a drive over there. 

I love being a procrastinator. 
I better get my butt in gear!


Shannon said...

Bry, my daughter M suffers from night terrors, sleepwalking...etc...she is 10, it is getting better now that she is a bit older, but still there are times she is up 4x a night..I would definitely call the doctor asap and get her in and figure out something else, because you are doing everything you need to be doing, and so far it is not helping, sounds like it is just making you both more exhausted sweetie, I do feel for you, and will keep you all in my prayers!

Lilli said...

It sounds like you have your handsfull with this vicous cycle... I'm so sorry. We have a similar problem. My two year old can't get back to sleep when she wakes up if she's alone so we finally gave up and she sleeps with us now. It's hard but we all get rest and we are not cranky and loosing it anymore. Would love to hear what the doctor says to you or what actually works when you try. God bless and good luck!

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Lilli said...

Sorry... I can't type or maybe spell. I meant *vicious* cycle.

The Chicken's Consigliere said...

So sorry, Bry. I used a little by little separation technique with my son. First I stayed just outside his door until he was asleep. Then I gradually moved further and further away from his room-to my office, to our bedroom, half-way down the took a couple weeks but eventually he would fall asleep on his own and I could leave. Doesn't sound quite like what your daughter is going through, though. He just wanted someone to stay with him. He didn't wake up once he was asleep. I agree with you, you should probably have her seen. Good luck. Hope you get some sleep soon. Happy BD to your guy.

Marissa O. said...

I know all about lack of sleep! :) Good luck with everything!

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