Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cover all the bases Tuesday

Since I have been the most amazing blogger lately........

I figured I could make a really long post and catch up on all the meme's, follow alongs, pictures, and ramblings I could fit. 
How would that be?

There is this lady at the ballpark who scream Awesome at the top of her lungs everytime our team does something......It cracks me up. I mean you can litterally hear nothing else.    J and I just sit there and smile.  Recently I have discovered that rather and totally subconscienciously (I don't think I spelled that right) I have begun to move my chair closer to the Awesome lady.  I think she must radiate Awesomeness or something.  Either that or she makes me look like a bad mother.  I am not the mom who stands up and shouts.  I am not a cheerleader.  The most you will get out of me is "Hit the ball R..........Swing!"  etc........ But no

To be that free?

and since there seems to be a baseball theme going on here ......let me rant and freaking rave.
1. My son has the worst coach ever.
2. Last night he made an even bigger fool out of himself
3.  He has the entire team ready to quit
4. My son told me he hates it and doesnt want to play.....this is heartbreaking because I know he loves it.
5. He yells at the kids constantly.....yelling as in putting them down, throwing hands in the air, walking out of dugout, off the field.
6. He tries to make up his own rules.
7. He told my son to get glasses because he obviously could not see the ball.
8. He has been rude and yelled at parents
9. Last night was the final straw.....he refused to play the game because 1 player did not show up.  There was plenty of kids to fill in......and every coach, parent, and kid out there begged him.

Thats okay.....
Enough is enough
I am writing a letter to the board. 
This is done. He is done.

Thank you for making a lasting impression.
Thank you for ruining a season for my son and me.

You know, I was told that this is the south......Coaches are tough.  Yeah, well this has gone to far.  I am finished, and I am not the only person.  South my ass......I am about to break West side on their asses.

Not really.  I will be cool , calm, and collected.  I will write a note, state the facts and my concerns and my wishes that he be removed from coaching.  I will send said letter to the President of the board and hope that I will see action take place.  If I am ignored..............


There are technically 4.5 days left of school.  They boys are checking out on Monday to go to K.K.'s Kindergarten graduation.  Then we are done.  K has no more school but the boys are supposed to have half days the rest of the week where they will promptly be the only ones there if I force them to go and they would become janitors for the day.  Hmmmmm.....maybe I should rethink this.  At least scare them into good behavior for the rest of this week...


Could work. 

I went to the library yesterday. I love the Library.  The smell of books, the oldness, the history.  I like finding things in books that people forgot.  Like yesterday I found an old doctors apt. card.  I like seeing when the last time a book was checked out.  All good things.
I was there on a mission .  Its name is called Junie B. Jones. 

K and I are HOOKED.  We read everynight and I got to hand it to her.....Junie B.  helps my daughter sleep.  We laugh and talk and think about what is going to happen next.  Well as much as we love her and it is totally helping with the whole "screaming before bedtime" issue......I am not going to by one everytime we need the next one.  There are 27 books....I at roughly 5$ a pop that is 135.00$

There is one book I need to pick up.  Well 2 .  I am going to get her the Junie B. Jones Kindergarten Graduation but also a copy of Dr. Seuss' Oh the places you will go.  Why?  Because way back 4 years ago when my so R was in Kindergarten I bought him the book.  He does not know that I bought him the book.  He has never seen it or read it.  Every year, I have his teacher sign it at the end of the year and write him a little note.  I will give it to him when he graduates school.  I think it will be an AWESOME  thing to have.  Well I want to do the same for her.  I thought it had just gotten to hard and I have not figured out how to do it with all his teachers .......when he gets in high school.  But....I do not want her to not have one.  So I am getting her one and I will do the best I can.  Here is the book.

and here is the Junie B one

I need to figure something else out for her.  Any suggestions?

also....I want to have a super end of school year party with cupcakes and everything. 
Really I have just seen some rather cool end of the year cupcakes out there in blogland.
I really don't need a reason to make cupcakes.....but its so much better when you do have a reason!

I want to kick off the summer and make a list of all the things we want to do and places to go.  We have got a summer reading list going and the kids are going to get rewarded just like at the Library.  We are just going to do it around here with all the cousins. 

Speaking of......Do you remember the book Jeffery and the 13 Alabama ghosts?
picked it up yesterday.  Love it , think the boys will love it.  And I think we can go visit Kathryn Tucker Windham's house.....its not far from here.  Kinda cool thing to do this summer.  Read then go find the places in the book? 

What things do you have planned with the kids this summer?

I think I am over with this post......I really typed your ear off....but I need more coffee......

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Nice to meet you. I hope everything works out with baseball...and Junie B.!

Stop by if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

How sad about your son's baseball coach! I don't know why adults like that get to be coaches (and gym teachers, in my experience). It is just sad.

I love libraries too. :) We were just there yesterday and I am so excited that summer reading program is about to kick off. This is probably my little boy's last year as just a "listener" and not doing reading and listening. He so wants to be able to read (he is almost 4 1/2).

I love your Oh, the Places You Will Go! idea. I may steal it. :)

Rachel said...

I'm following your blog now from FMBT, come and follow me too!

Julie said...

What a nice idea to do with Oh the Places You'll Go! Wish I had thought of it when my older kids were younger. I do have a new one though that is only a year but I seriously think I will home school him. The school systems just get worse and worse! I'm a new follower!

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I'm cracking up at the AWWWWWSUUUUMMM lady! Bwhahaha...

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Great blog!

jayayceeblog said...

You had me at Junie B. Jones. My granddaughter, who is now 13, has loved Junie B. forever. I think we have bought all the books. We used to take turns reading to each other and whoever wasn't reading would act out the story. It was hilarious. I know she still picks them up and reads them. And we took her to see the stage play a few years ago, which was AWWWWSUUUUMMM! I'd recommend it if it comes to a stage near you.

-MissC* said...

Hey I found you on Follow Back Tuesday. You're hilarious! And I'm a Library lover as well! Feel free to check me out some time!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the coach situation Bry. Sounds like a real jerk. Junie B. Jones is great. Trying to think back to when my girls were that age. I know they loved berenstein bears, but maybe that is too babyish for her now? My sons both loved Henry and Mudge and I think they are sweet for boys and girls. I love that series.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I think that coach should be gone! The books are a great idea! I love that! I totally feel the same way about followers. I would rather have people that love to read my blog follow.