Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cupcakes for breakfast

Cupcakes for breakfast.  Mainly because I can.  There is no one else here. All the kids are gone for a super long weekend. Whatever will J and I do with it just being the two of us until Tuesday?.....I am thinking.....better yet, what do I do?  Its Saturday and he is working and Monday he will be working.....ahh the joys of owning your own business.  This is how it came to be that I ate a cupcake for breakfast.  Someone has to eat them!  I have not even made it out of bed yet.  I have no agenda, the house is clean......somewhat....Yep its just me and the dog.

Of course I should so not have ate that big fat cupcake because tonight we are going to a super delicious Cocktail party.  J likes saying that word.  eh hem.......  Any way I have to squeeze my cupcake eating body into this dress.  Its a really cute ballet style dress my friend Ky let me borrow.  It really is beautiful, even if I am not convinced it is my style.  Of course Jeans are always more my style, but I think it will look good with my strappy shoes that I absolutely dread walking in and my jeweled headband.  Like this:

Nope thats not me.
I just have to find that damn thing.  I think I know what box it is in, just need to go look.  Oh and give myself a mani/pedi and do some eyebrows.  I also have some ironing for J because he has to dress up too which he is none to thrilled about because its hot, but he does assure me he cleans up well.  We shall see.  Seriously why am I in bed again....I have stuff to do ! Promise to put pics up soon!

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In3Dee said...

Awww, I bet you will look like a princess! Do we get pix of you in your Cinderella-wear?