Friday, May 28, 2010

Take a trip with me................

out my front door

across the yard

to the shed

peek inside

Do you see what I see?

My children reading

This is one amazing sight to see on a Summer morning and it has been a sight I have seen often this week.  J was the first to discover them.  It all began after we cleaned out the shed.  We had found a big box of books and they were stoked to dive in.  R is technically my biggest reader, K is just beginning but I think she is really getting the hang of it, and H is diving in simply because he is seeing the others do so.  He has found some great books and been reading so fast just so he can tell me about them.  I am so proud. 

Today we are having a kickoff party for our Summer Reading Program.  We have about 7 kids reading along and they are all working for points.  We have weekly, monthly, and summer goals.  Each week everyone who meets their goal gets to do something special such as a smore's party or picnic at the creek with water balloons.  The big goal is at the end of the summer to take everyone in the big camper somewhere and spend a few days camping out.  We also are looking into a water park. 

This is what I have been doing today to prepare for the kickoff party......

Can't you just smell them? The whole house was sleeping at this point.

I took this bowl to K's room and woke her up.........she sat up immediately with a big smile and licked the spoon!  What a way to wake up.  Personally the batter is my favorite part.  Everytime I am making a cake or cupcakes I remember a story my dad told me.  My great uncle used to pay my great aunt 10cents  for the batter every time she made a cake.  I love that story.

Well without further adieu here is how the cupcakes turned out.

I am not a perfectionist but I believe they turned out pretty cute!

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Lauren said...

Hi! from New Friend Friday!

What cute cupcakes! I love them!

I also love that your kiddos are choosing to read on a summer day... We haven't hit summer break here yet and I am DYING for it! (Just 3 more school days left!!!)

Jessica said...

Following from Friendly Friday!

Kerri said...

That is awesome. Nothing is better then reading outside on a beautiful day. I love the fact that your kiddos are enjoying it.
The cupcakes look super cute! Great job.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Stopping by from Friday-Follow New Friend Friday/Trendy Treehouse to say hello.
Have a great day!

Julia said...

Those pictures are so sweet! And those cupcakes look really yummy ;)

Brenda Susan said...

So love the reading pics! They would be a cool photo series framed. What a fun scene to discover! Enjoying your blog very much!

Chantele said...

I hope that my kids get me and my husband's love of reading. Reading was always my favorite summer activity.

Following you back! :)

In3Dee said...

What a great idea! I bet the kids love the treat. Can you send me some? LOL

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Hi there. I'm following you. I'm way behind on Friday Follow. Just stopping by to say hi.

Hope you had a great weekend!