Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday......and all that goes with it.

Its Friday and you know what that means!  Link up. 

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So why follow me?  I have no idea why anyone would want to follow me half the time....
What do I write about?
hmmmm.....well its pretty random.
Kids, Boyfriend, The Ex, Going back to school at 30, My kids activities and school seems to be a never ending source of entertainment, Running.....or the lack of
Life of a city girl, living in the country, trying to find the beach!

I do not exactly have a niche!......I am okay with that.
I do not have reviews or giveaways or a weekly meme....though I tried to start up one.

Its just me and I have been here since 2006......I think I managed 5 entries that year.  I do much better now.

I used to try to be very poetic and tell a grammatically correct story with every post.....
I got over that quick like !

Hope you enjoy, Hope you stick around!
and now here is a photo show.....because don't you sometimes want to know who it is thats typing?
 Is it just me?

Here's me.....Not a great pic....I am the picture taker hardly ever the one getting taken......strange.  I am not an Auburn fan technically.  J is, I could not find another hat and it was humid people.  I don't really care which team wins.  I know I live in Alabama and don't care about football.....The green guy is my son...somethimes we have the best time goofing off together.

Okay here is me windblown at the beach....better?  Actually I had just finished doing cartwheels on the beach with my best friend.......Yes there were drinks involved.....something about Blue fishbowls at the Pink Pony.

Here is a better pic of him.  This is R.  Thats how I refer to him usually.  Did you know you can write any MLB Team by going to thier official page and click on contact us?  We did it for a school project.  Technically I wrote it for him, I needed them to know exactly how big of a Cubs fan we were.  They sent R a pretty cool card and some stickers. 

Here is the girl.....MYGIRL.  This is K.K.  Yes her hair usually looks like that.  I can't help it.  Not only did God not give me good hair skills, he decided it would be a good thing to give me and my daughter naturally curly hair.
Don't let that sweet face fool you.....she is a firecracker! But she is me through and through. 

This is H...J's son and so much like him!  Here he is demonstrating the proper way to milk a honeysuckle.
The boys get along pretty good....most of the time.  We all have been living together for many months now and true personalities are coming out.....

Like this.  :)

This is J.....who hates his picture taken and always has hat, glasses or something else covering. 

or he hides behind me.  J is my good ole country boy......from his cowboy boots to his down home roots......(thats a song).  The first time we ever danced he tried to convince me that he wrote an Eagles song........I guess I was gone.  Best thing about J is though as southern as he is and as southern as this place can be.....He has a little gangsta to him.... :) Maybe he just thinks he is cool. 
This is Miley...the only child we have together.  She is 3 and a retired greyhound.  She is lazy, likes to sleep and eats marshmallows.  You couldn't get her to run now for anything!

The kids like to sleep with her......I am waiting for H to fall asleep with her then I can put these in a frame.

Okay thats us
His, Hers, Ours, and We


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I bet you are more interesting than you realize :)

Brianna! said...

Precious Blog, and YES I love seeing how it is that is behind the words.


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Xenia said...

What a great post and such fun pictures, especially the cute ones with sleeping Miley. :)

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Nan said...

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Love your blog. You have a very precious family! :)

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What a cute family! I take pictures too...No one takes mine. LOL
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Doreen McGettigan said...

I am visiting from FF. So sorry I am late but I have a really good excuse. I love the photo's of the kids sleeping with the cute! I hope when you have a chance you will stop by and say hi!

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