Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Miley!

We had a busy weekend.....
Friday night we had baseball
H headed to his mom's and R and K stayed over at J's moms for the evening.
J and I had a long trip to make Saturday and we could not take the kids. 
 We were headed to get our Greyhound. 
Well at least to meet our Greyhound. 
We have been working with an adoption group all week.  They are called SecondChance Greyhounds and they are out of Douglasville, GA, which is pretty close to Atlanta. 
J and I were pretty excited if not a little nervous to go.  See, getting a retired Greyhound has been one of my dreams for many years.  I never felt like I was in a place to adopt one, because of moving, renting and so on.  Even now without a fenced in yard I had my concerns.  J and I have been considering a dog for months but lets face it, neither one of us are good at commitment and a dog is a big commitment.  J kinda had his heart set on a Mastiff and we new of some puppies being born here sometime during the summer but we kinda wanted to do this before then.  The kids have been wanting one and well H's bday was in April.  So we went back and forth and never could .....well commit!  We even started looking at puppy finder and found a Mastiff breeder in Arkansas.  We talked to them and even found one we liked but when it came down to it, we just talked ourselves out of it.  I for one was scared shitless of having a puppy to take care of and make that a Mastiff puppy and there are no words to describe the fear.  I love Mastiff's but......but.....but a puppy???  Yes, I have 3 kids but lets face it, how long do they really help out? I began telling J about the Greyhounds and showing him some adoption websites.  Alabama is a great place to adopt a retired racer because there are so many tracks.  Those dogs need a home!  Lets face it, even with the laws now, these dogs are still being slaughtered to often because they are not fast enough, not good enough, or they are just finished racing. Many kind and loving people are in place to ensure that these pups get a home or at least a chance.  You can never find clear statistics but here are some facts

1. Many states are closing their tracts due largely to the work of volunteers and greyhound lovers. 
because its sickening !

2. These dogs are brought up in kennels, live in confinement(crates), and then killed when they are no longer profitable(est. 3-10 thousand a year)
This used to be a much higher number but the word is getting out!

3.  Many suffer injuries durning racing which of course makes them non profitable.

4.  The living conditions are inhumane.  Dirty, cramped, crates.  They are let out 4 times a day and to race.  That is their life.  They do not know what a home or love is.  Now I cannot speak for every kennel and every track....this is just some of the info I found.  (so don't flame me)

Also, if you are into dog racing that is fine......I just truly believe in saving them afterwards.  I agree that they are incredible to watch run.  Fascinating. 

0-45 2 strides

There is so much more and its hard to go into it all.
You can learn so much. 

What I can tell you about these creatures is this:
They are:

and you can find one to fit almost any lifestyle you have.  There are people to help you with this.  They require moderate exercise.....Sprinters not long distance runners and they love to sleep. 

So without further adeu.........and before I get run away anymore on these babies

Meet Miley

How can you not love that face?

This is Miley during the car ride home.  It was a long trip home but she did great!  We even took her to Petsmart and let her pick out her bed and a new toy. 

She really likes the kids and goes and checks out their room and look for them.  They are now part of her pack. 

and she doesnt even mind if they share her bed.  I could not believe my son laid down and passed out next to her.  The 9 year old who has not napped in years!

of course K got in on the nap action.  Maybe I should try this bed seems to knock everyone out!
I wonder if I could complete the trio and catch H sleeping next to her?  Put all three pics in a frame? 

Miley is enjoying living on the farm.....she is quiet curious of the cows and horses.....

She is settling in just fine.  Right now as I type she has stretched herself the entire length of the couch and is sleeping.
Sweet girl. 
Miley is pretty special and she is working her way into our hearts.  She will be 3 years old in July.  She finished racing last fall(she was not too great).  She raced in Mobile as well as Montgomery.  Then she was shipped off to prison.  A program to use prisoners as trainers.  She went through a 10 week intensive training program.  She knows some great commands but I think she has lost a few of them since being out of the program.  She is completely house trained.  She will sit, lay down, stay, and give kisses so far.  Of course the only person she will give kisses too is J......I mean I don't blame her.....I like giving him kisses too, but it cracks me up that she only does this trick with him.  What gives girl? 

So I will leave you with this....
If you are considering a dog
consider a Greyhound.  How many people do you know that have one? 
 I don't know any......and that is sad. 
Just do some research and I am sure you will begin to melt the way we did. 


RedheadedStepchild said...

Awww. I so love that you adopted a rescue. I honestly think they make some of the best pets! And I've heard so many good things about greyhounds

Jen Krebs said...

Congratulations on your first greyhound adoption, and a special congratulations to Miley!

They DO make the most wonderful companions. We adopted our first in 2003 (also a long-time dream come true) and we have adopted five more since! You know what they say about potato chips...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful news and beautiful pictures of Miley.