Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday ......already?

I really could not tell you where the week has gone. 
There is so much going on and thats all without my school. 
Here are 13 random things.....about my week and maybe what I have been doing.

1. Yeah! Finals are finished.  I am glad to have the summer off although I am going to get in gear and figure out where I am headed in the fall.

2. I am in the process of adopting a Greyhound.  We go to meet and hopefully take home on Saturday.  I am so excited!

3. Yesterday was Awards Day at the school.  Both my boys walked away with a few awards.  They did great!

4. There are days I really struggle with my running for 365.....and I think...why did I set such a goal? but then I go out and do it and I feel better. 

5. I completely cleaned the house yesterday.....I give my kids 12 hours to have it destroyed. 

6.  Seems I am quite without kids today.  One is on a long field trip until this evening and the other two are spending time with their dad after school.  I love a day off from picking kids up. 

7.  I got a new phone.  Its a blackberry curve.....which I am familiar with a blackberry.  But it will still take me a month to check out the new features......oh and get everyone's number in. 
 So if the phone doesnt ring....its me.

8. Baseball got cancelled today........why don't I feel bad for not caring? Its been a rough year.  

9. I have 3 friends that are involved in weddings and showers.  I for one and very happy it is not me.  I hate a wedding.....I hate a shower more.  I really do.  I have no desire to be in a wedding, give a shower or have to go to bachelorette parties....blah blah blah.  No desire.  I never had any of this the first go around and I am beginning to think I am to old and don't care enough to do it if there ever is a second time around.  Yuck .

10. I am sick to death of driving.  I feel like I have been in my car for weeks.  Its  getting to me.

11.  The heat is coming.  I get out of the shower and I am sweating.  I walk outside and its like a sauna,  I can't enjoy myself.  Its only going to get worse?

12. I am deobligating myself.  Yes it is a word.  I have had friends ask me to go places, do things, run races, etc.  Guess what.  I am tired.  School just finished, but we got two weeks left of school for the kids, all kind of events to go along with that, baseball.  I am exhausted.  So I am saying no.  I am not doing anymore.  I am sorry. 

13. okay, Im out.  Do not have 13 things today.  I do have some other posts and pics.  I think I will get around to it tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Good for you for De-obligating yourself. I know exactly what you mean. Your kids only have two weeks left? Wow. Mine will be in for another 5 or 6. We aren't even thinking about summer yet!

Jeanette Huston said...

Following you from friday follow.

Jeanette Huston