Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Stuff

Hello everyone!  Thank Goodness it is Friday.  I am so ready for a weekend, perhaps not this one, but a weekend none the less.  This week we seem to have to do a bunch of birthday party get togethers.  There will be 4 boys in the house tonight for a sleepover and K has a little girl party to go to.  Tomorrow night we are going out with friends for some much needed "without kids" time.  We have had a 3 kids for several weeks again and I realize how much I need the break sometimes.   Here is Friday fill in for the week.  Appropriate.

1. On vacation, I like to just sit on the beach!

2. Now there is tar in my  ocean.

3. One of my favorite vacation spots is the Gulf.

4. I love to sit outside on the deck durning a full moon.

5. Up, up and away .........

6. Bananas are my dogs favorite.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to.......I am not looking forward to anything, tomorrow my plans include a birthday cookout and night out with friends and Sunday, I want to go furniture shopping with J.
On that note.....go buy these
Lulu Buffett is selling these.  Online and at her store/restaurant in Gulf Shores,AL.  I am planning on picking mine up next week in person. No I never got tickets but going anyway to the JB concert.  JB is supposed to have a special one made up for the concert for sale as well. 

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