Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it Thursday Already?

Thats good because I am looking forward to the weekend but I really need to finish my living room.  I have two coats of colors on the walls, and 2 coats of kilz on the wainscoting and fire  place.  It is now time to do the white gloss.  I must be getting old because my hands hurt, my neck hurts and my butt and thighs hurt from going up and down the chair. 

Sad thing is...I am very unsure of my decorating abilities......or maybe its just the color green.  I like it, now its like "What do I do with it?"  I am sure I will feel differnt when I get furniture and pictures up.  At least I hope so. 

By the way, my intereview is up over at Say Anything today.  Thanks Dee!

I have approximately 6 days to get my Pell Grant stuff in and send my application to college for the fall.  Procrastinators stand tall.  I got you all beat.  I suck at this stuff. 

Also, I still have done nothing about my internet, which works better in the kitchen apparently but still shady. 

Of course yesterday I willed it to work good while I hounded ticketmaster for Jimmy Buffett Tickets.  Tickets were free for the concert at the beach in Gulf Shores.  Well they were sold out in minutes and were on Ebay for up to 1000$ within the hour. 

Makes you proud to be an American doensnt it?

Jimmy Buffett was trying to do something good.  Drive business into the gulf to help the economy down there.  He was to give a free concert on the beach.  35000 tickets.  All free.  Then people bought them up and are now making a profit off of his good will.  I am appalled.  I am ticked off.  I still plan on going but damn I hope JB has something to say about all this.  Apparently Ebay did get wind of it and took all auctions down.  Still the damage is done.  I still hope to go , they say you can get on the beach and still here the music.  I am going to go get my tshirts from the concert and Lulu's.  I am devestated by the oil spill in the Gulf and I believe that it will never be the same.  How it breaks my heart for my children.  How it breaks my heart , because I longed to retire there someday.  There has got to be some action, but it feels so hopeless.

Before I get all political and start badmouthing and pointing fingers though I will digress.  I am determined to get painting and finish this living room.  I think I will take a week off before tackling K.K.'s room or the kitchen. 



Christy said...

I don't live near the gulf, (I'm in the upper Midwest) but I cannot imagine how hard it would be to see that. We're in a river town and if something happened to the river, it would be terrible. There are a lot of businesses and people who just love to be on the river that it would devastate. And we aren't even talking about the environment. I feel for you.

Tiffany said...

Good luck with the painting!! I'm sure you'll love it once all the furniture and paintings are back up too.