Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I am calling a OFF day!

We have been going nonstop for a week.
 We are Sunkissed, Bug bitten, Water logged, and Sun drained.
I swear I have 7 bug bites around my belly button....HOW???  I don't know but the shit itches.  I am so sun kissed my forehead has sun spots.  This happens every year and I keep block on but its still there.  HATE IT.  The kids are all TAN and Red Eyed, Scratched up, Scarred, and bug bitten. Last night I dug out 4 splinters out of K's foot and attempted to get rid of about 9 ant bites.  Its been awful.  We could take stock in repellant and its still bad.  Remember folks.........Country living here!!!! Deep Woods, Pastures, and Lots of Nature.  

 My house is a mess, laundry is piling up..........I can't keep up.
We all fall into bed completely exhausted by 8 every night.

 I am officially calling today an OFF day!!!!!
If you have paid attention to any of my previous posts you will see all we have been up too. Its been fun, but its time to reel it in , recoup, and reorganize.  I swear the beach towels are going to be walking on their own soon!

The kids are at VBS until noon, then we are going to get a few groceries, come home, clean up from all the summer festivities, and veg out.  I know they need it.  I need it.  We are moving soon and we have got to start packing and  organizing.  Thank god we are just moving a few miles away, but still! 

I am going to make a squash casserole and zucchini bread today.  All from the garden. 
I will catch up on laundry
Hopefully sweep and mop the floor....I could do this twice a day.
Give the dog a bath.....sorry Miles
Attempt to pack at least 1 box.

I might even take a nap!  Don't tell J.....but he kept me up last night with all his moaning with his hurt back.  I know he was hurt, but sheesh neither one of us got any sleep.  I think we were all to tired to sleep.  K came into bed last night and said she was scared.  I told her I was too tired to do scared tonight and go back to bed.  She did and never heard another word out of her.  We all need naps! 


Shannon said...

Sounds like ya'll have been plenty busy over there! A nap does seem to be in order!

In3Dee said...

Rest, and more rest. Having fun wears a person out.

Creative Flair said...

Oh my goodness, sounds like our household. We are only moving 5 miles away, hate to tell ya but a frickin' pain! Only 5 more days left to move...then unpacking. Oh yea!