Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weekend, The week ahead......and damn I am good at this mom thing.

Well first I will tell you why I am AWESOME at this mom thing.  K came in this morning with a fallen head and slumped shoulders......."Mommy , the tooth fairy didn't come...... DAMN!  How could I forget?  This happened with Rye once and I told him I think he is too old.  K is only 6!  Totally kicking myself, and scrambled up some BS and told her that I would email the tooth fairy and make sure he knew we had moved.  What else could I say?  What can I say......I am sure to win a parenting award someday. 

Okay so this weekend.  It came , it went, got absolutely nothing accomplished.  Saturday....we had every intention to do yard work and house work all day.  Well we were invited to two different birthday parties and a night out to eat with friends.  Okay fine.....we will make and appearance and the bday parties then head out to eat(which is all we really cared to do in the first place). Well it was one of those days.  The kids woke up on the  wrong side of the bed.  Everyone was fussing, fighting, and whining.  No yard work happened because we had put it off because of having to be places and no one had gone to pick up the lawnmower.  J and I managed to hang a few pictures and continue to be undecided about painting.  By the time 2 rolled around we were so exhausted with the kids that I declared that no one was going to bday parties!  I am of the mind that they do not get to do fun stuff if they act like holy terrors at home.  Not Fair to J and I.  He absolutely agreed.  The boys went of to play and K the instigator of the whole rotton day layed down and promptly slept all afternoon.  I wonder???  Could not have been the fact that they stayed up half the night watching TV????? Sneaky little boogers.   Hated to imput a summer night curfew but we did.   No more of that!  Later that evening after everyone had a little rest we got dressed and went out to eat with friends.  We went to a place called Bobby's Fish Camp.  Its down on the Tombigbee River.  You can get there by boat or road.  The only other time I have been was by boat.  This is a family restaurant to our friends Ky and Miller.  We were celebrating Miller's 29th bday.  It was a great night!

It was a beautiful evening after a big thunderstorm.

We had a good time with good friends and good food. 
Miller's mom brought cake.  Pound cake with Carmel frosting......I believe made by the Mennonites. 
Hello amazing.  Loved it, once again. 
Even the kids acted good.  We all made plans to do something again next weekend sans kids. 

We all slept in a little. Me not so much.  Still not used to the bright room and roosters.  J used to have a total black bachelor pad.  Now everything is bright and cheery and windows and Roosters!!!
Love it, but I cant sleep yet.

So I got up, got my reader all caught up and made breakfast.  Kids got up and helped cook up a Father's Day breakfast all while dancing around the kitchen to Elvis.  Once J got up we ate and made plans for the day.  He headed out to get lawnmower and I cleaned house.  A few hours later....No lawnmower.  It was broken when he went to get it.  House got cleaned.  So we spent the day trying to figure out what to do the rest of the day.  Do you know what I mean?  We both had energy just did not know where to put it.  There are many things we want to do around the house but do not know where to start.  This is not a fixer upper by any means we just want to change stuff to our style.  We are both A personalities with great aspirations but somehow never follow through.  Make sense?  I suggested we start in the living room.  Its a blank slate except for a entertainment center.  We are buying chairs and couches but want to paint first. 

I really want to show you before pictures......
but I am going to wait.  I have one wall painted and so far I like the color.  Wild Asparagus.  There is so much to do.  Painting wood , fireplace, walls, then finding some decor.  J and I definetly mesh well with all of this and he came up with a brilliant idea using  water paddles............
I will show you later!

So thats what I am doing this week.  Painting, kiltzing, glossing.......then we have a busy weekend of girl parties, cookouts, and a band at the Yacht Basin(? think thats what its called) with great friends.

Forgot to mention!  I have awful service right now at the house.  Yes we moved even further out....I think.  Going to have to change internet service and soon!  So if you left me a message or followed me on Friday....I am getting around slowly!!!


Christy said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend after all. But good luck to the week ahead.

Creative Flair said...

Nice cover-up on the tooth fairy business. Something I would have done:Forget, not the cover-up.

Tiffany said...

It sounds like you are super busy! At least you got to get out with friends for a fun night this past weekend. That was a quick thinking cover up for the toothfairy, I'm not sure I would have thought of that one!

The Bumbles said...

I had no idea the Tooth Fairy was so technologically advanced!

I can't wait to see the decor photos - please do show before & after! It makes the transformation that much more impressive!

P.S. Of course I am the biggest fan of the Red Sox baseball hat in your dinner photos ;0)