Friday, August 13, 2010

1 week of school down.  Well almost.  This has been one long exhausting week.  The kids and I are all cranky.  Lack of sleep.  Long days.  My youngest has declared she does not want to go back.  I don't blame her.  The boys are doing well.......albeit realizing that "hey I am in a bigger grade this year" and "I might have to put some effort into it." 

I am still so very thrilled about school uniforms............That was a total lie.

okay, so this is a short post.
I am tired, I have had less sleep than needed in the last two days.

K has been sleepwalking and the other night she walked straight to the back door and clicked the deadbolt and if I had not caught her would have been outside. 
Clearly I did not sleep well after that.  In fact I went and slept with her.  Last night I was just overly tired from the previous night and therefore was awake until 12. Alarm went off at 3:30 where I promptly let myself out on the back door to watch the meteor shower only to be completly dissapointed because of the clouds.  Darn tropical depression.  I was really excited for this shower.  It was supposed to be the peak.  60 per minute.  Alas.....not a one did I get to see.

Anyway my point is I am tired.
I am still MIA alot around here.  I think a actual land line is my only hope. 
My school starts soon. I will be glad to have a routine of my own. 
Everyone around here seems to have one....but me.

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