Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My babies are home. 
They were gone for a long weekend with their dad. 
I picked them up early this morning. 
This one is a little under the weather.
Me too. I have a bad cold..
So we are hanging in bed. 
Ok... she has me a little worried.......sleeping for close to 4 hours now.
She told me her tummy and head hurt.
Of course she ate a cheese pizza.....and said she had a bunch of cheese and milk.
Eh hem.......she is lactose intolerant. Which gives her incredible acid reflux pain. blah. blah. blah.
Come on dad!  Give me a break
Anyway......we are laying in bed. 
As if we didnt have an excuse anyway.  It is pouring.  
I feel that it is perfectly exceptable to come up with excuses to lay in bed all day.
For instance:
Im sick
Its raining
Its too hot outside
Its Friday....or Monday
New book
New magazine
No school

Seriously Im kidding. sorta. 
I usually have very busy days.
Just not this summer.
This summer has been lazy.

I am totally ready to be slightly busier.
Remember I said that....
I will bitching in a few weeks about how there is no time! 

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