Monday, August 23, 2010

Catch up

Ive been a bad blogger.  Blame it on Verizon.  I thought my internet problem was fixed.  Wrong. I do think it is fixed now.  350.00 later.  Got set up with a have phone company and wireless router.  It is fixed......well as fixed as it is ever going to be living here in the sticks!   I mean fabulous country.  At least I can actually see pictures and such in my google reader now.  My google reader that I neglected.  I have slowly been making my way through it and realizing very quickly I have filled it with blogs I am uninterested in and don't read.  No offense people but we all know that it happens.  Here lately my interests have been running more towards blogs with home design, holidays, and greyhounds.  Some I am slowly cleaning up the reader and trying to take time to visit the blogs I love.  Which was almost impossible before we my connection. 
There has not been alot of internet time lately anyway.  We are in the 3rd week of school (gasp) and I am starting my first full week of classes this week.  I had 2 days last week but diving in head first this week.  I hate the feeling of being overwhelmed that I always get with school.  I am still on fire about school and really happy with the progress I have made but still there are days I think how will I make it through.  Also I am not totally thrilled with my options here at the community college.  I have enough to keep me occupied for now but know soon I will need to travel further to a college that offers more.  This semester I am right on target with a few classes I have procrastinated to take.  1 math class, Biology, Literature, and yuck yuck yuck Speech.  I have dreaded this class since I was 18. Now at 30 it is not any easier.  Except for being one of the oldest in the class. I am hoping experience will help me out.  Biology I love and I have taken this class before. The school has decided that I needed to take it again because it had been 10 years and it did not transfer.  * I litterally banged my head against my advisors desk*  Okay, I can get down with that.  I am happy to report I am in my last literature class of my college career.....Thank you Lord!  I love literature and I love to read what I hate is all the reports and papers for said peices of literature.  Now Speech is a whole other ballgame.  This week I am required to give a 2 minute speech about ME.  Okay.  I tremble at the thought.....and this is just a little speech.  I am happy to report that all the kids in the class look just as scared as I did and a few said as they were leaving the class " What am I going to say about myself ,what have I done, I am only 18".......I have time on my side here.  I have plenty that I know about myself.  I just do not want to speak! 

But I digress...
In other news Its my bday this week.  Wednesday I turn 3 and 1.  I really don't get the bday thing anymore.  Unless someone could make it go in reverse. 

I will be back, I will keep up better.  Really I do miss it.  Blogging.  I got to bitch somewhere about my Speech class.  I might even show off my supercool cupcakes I want to try for my bday. 

Then its diet people.  Diet.  I can't take this down home, southen, got to have bread with every meat and potatoe meal........I got to give it up.  I would  greatly appreciate if someone in the nearby vicinity would bring in a Whole Foods, Greenlife or Sprouts.......Anyone?  It will never fly. 



KLZ said...

I hear you on the Google reader blowing up. I have blogs in there that I think "Who?" What blog is this?"

So now I just ignore it.

Anonymous said...

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Tiffany said...

I'm in the process of doing the same thing with my Google Reader... it's crazy how many blogs you put on it then get overwhelmed with them and find you don't even want to read half of them anymore! Good luck getting caught up!