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Birthdays are always a good day to revisit old posts.  Don't you think?  A few years back I wrote a 30 things to do before I turn 30.  Well today I turn 31 and I should see what I can cross off.  Now granted when I wrote this post I was in a very different season of life.  I was temporarily living in Alabama with plans to return to home(Arizona) when my husband came back from Afghanistan.  Well....... Here are the details now.

Still live in AL

So I have a feeling most of these are obsolete. Thats okay.  It is time to start a new list. 

Original Post
30 Things before I turn 30

I will add commentary in Red!

1. Go abroad- Fall 08 I did go to Italy and it was a wonderful amazing trip!  I even got to do a 6 hour whirlwind tour of London on our layover.

2. Learn the basics for said country-I tried.  I did take all my Western Civ. classes last year and it was wonerful to have a visual for parts of those classes.  It made the class come alive for me and only lighted the fire for me to go back!

3. Go back to school and work on finishing up my general studies- Well I can almost cross this off.  After this semester I literally have about 5 classes left of general studies.  I am very proud despite wanting to give up several times!

4. Catch up on all things scrapbooking-Haha!  I have not touched it therefore piling up even more years to catch up on!  I am looking to get in the groove, but plan a more basic approach.  I have not even developed pictures in 3 years!

5. Continue my running-Well it is true that I have ran many races since I first wrote these goals but in the last year I have let it go.  I still LOVE it and desire it but I have a hard time fitting it into my life which is only an excuse.  I have been getting out a couple times a week here lately but I am no where near where I want to be.

6. Run a marathon- Again see #5.....The highest distance I have reached in a race is 10K

7. Work on group fitness certification-This is seperate from going back to school. This is still a goal, but I am trying to concentrate on my degree now.  I guess I underestimated my superhero abilities.

8. Take my husband to Half Moon Bay, CA- He has never seen this beautiful place and I wish to take him there and drive down Hwy 1, hopefully in the fall. Stop at the little pumpkin festivals along the way, taking our time and enjoying all that this route has to offer.Well I guess we can drop this off.....Don't live on the West side anymore and not married. 

9. Go to San Franciso-This could technically be done on the same trip as Half Moon Bay, but who knows, I love California so much I may want to break up the trips. Same see #8

10. Visit Big Sky Country- Maybe even ski! We will see. I have a friend who lives up there and so does Chris. So It would be great to go to this area that I have never seen and be around friends as well. Nope, not yet!

11. Buy a mountain Bike- There are alot of races and fun things to explore if I could get into this hobby. still have not done this.  The kids got bikes and I hope to get one sometime but more for leisurely fun.

12. Go Kayacking- I live in AZ for goodness sake, there is so much to see and explore. Oh the aspirations I had at 29!

13. Learn what it takes to be the house that is the kid friendly house-You know what I mean, I want the kids and their friends to want to be at my house. There are multiple reasons for this. For one, I am always in contact with my kids and know what they are into, and I wish to build a relationship with my kids that is close and open. I have had a touch of this living down here.  Especially before we moved to our new house.  Its good but sometimes can wear you out!

14. Get a dog- I do not have any pets, my cat is now living with my parents(long story) but I wish to have a dog.  I have my name on the list for a morkie(Maltese/Yorkie). Well this one did happen.  I got my Morkie and his name is Mac.  He is 2 years old now and lives with my mom.  I miss him dearly but in all my life changes he got settled in with her and is very happy.  I give him all the love I can when I visit. I have however adopted a Greyhound.  Miley is a 2 year old retired racer.  It was always my dream to have one but I was always concerned about size and well we never stayed in on place too long.  Well with life changes came stability and I got my Grey.

15. Set up a fish tank..........again. Love this....but not sure I want anymore responsibility.  Haha

16. Do a fun/run/walk/ with the kids for a good cause Last summer we did one with the kids.  It was great and they loved it!

17. Sky Dive- Yes maybe someday.  Not anytime soon.

18. Continue paying off Debt- including student loans Happy to report I am debt free.
19. Spend a anniversary together with my husband-This has not happened for us in 6 years! We have only been married 7! Oh lord.  Again....Divorce

20. Get into the habit of a girls night out-Seriously Laura, when I get home, seriously!!! I miss you--Oh and side note to this, we are going to get tickets to see Wicked and hopefully Mama Mia again! While this has been a regular even for me in the last few years.....I miss it now.  New place, still meeting people.  Yada yada

21. Go on regular dates with my husband- No we have never done this. I need a babysitter!  Ahhhh....Divorced....Told you these were obselete

22. Get in the car and drive somewhere for the weekend-no plans, no direction, just go! Good one.....why is this so hard to do?

23. Attend a SS retreat I did at Skyline!

24. Better yet, host a SS retreat-There is a ton of us in AZ and CA....its doable! Nope

25. See Jimmy Buffett in concert....again-Now I know technically I have already done this..3 times but it just gets better and better and I hope in the next 2 years I can do it again! Well I almost got to Gulf Shores for the benefit concert, then the date changed.  blah blah blah.....I miss you Jimmy

26.Wine taste in California- I would love to go and stay at a vineyard and do this! Again.....Living in the South this is much harder to do

27. Ride a motorcycle- Yes I have done this, but it has been a really long time. Nope

28. Get another tattoo-I want one on the wrist or neck and I want it to be celtic in design I have done this!  Well I got a cover up.  I finally covered up the nasty moon on my shoulder and it is beautiful!  I got a fleur de lis.

29. Go back to Mexico- Hopefully with someone that knows it better!- Ivan and Krysten I am counting on you guys for this. I would love to see all those things I saw pictures of! I don't really care anymore but it is also not as close anymore .  Not like you can drive a few hours and be there anymore.

30. Vegas Baby!-- for more than 24 hours. This is the key factor. I got no sleep last time because we tried to squeeze it all in in such a short time frame. Also included in this trip is a shocking show(more shocking than Wayne Newton!) Damn I want to go!

So as you can see life has changed and while I still desire many of those things they were much harder to cross off  when your whole life changes.  I am working on a new list 32 before 32.  It is going to include  items that are much more attainable!  Stay tuned!


Tiffany said...

I love doing lists like this which reminds me I need to update my 101 in 1001... thanks for the reminder! Have fun making your new one, look forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

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Avril Smith