Thursday, September 09, 2010

Apparently I can get nothing accomplished today.

Really I have tried.  No, not really........

See I have this speech tonight.  Its an informational speech for my Speech class.  It is on any topic we choose and it must be a minumum of5-6 minutes long.

Mine is 10.

This is all fine.  As much as I stressed about it all week, I managed to get it all finished, organized, and even memorized.  I am good at this type of stuff, I just put it procrastinate.

Tonight I will be talking about the life of a Greyhound.  Hey I figured it is a subject I know and passionate about so should be easy.  The hard part is standing up and starting.  All planning and practice go out the door.  It is an almost paralyzing feeling.  Slowly the words come to me and I pull it out, usually with out saying the word um.......too many times. 

I have all day to myself.  Biology this morning and the rest of the day to just practice and study.  Well I have practiced and even recorded myself several times. 

I have got nothing else done. 

I changed out the laundry, ate, took a nap, cleaned out my google reader, posted, took shower, picked out my outfit, flat ironed my hair.........practiced again.

I have been home alone.  We arranged for the kids to go with J's mom and he is picking them up after work. So I had no interupptions.

I have so much other stuff to be studying for.  Huge biology test coming up......

My brain turned off, I can not physically take in anymore. 

My stomach hurts.........more and more the time draws near.  I know I will survive.  As my teacher says....." No one will die from public speaking"........

okay, well it just feels that way.  I feel sick

Lord help me to get in the car, drive safely to school, be the first to raise my hand and get the damn thing over with. 

Then I can sit there and watch my fellow students sweat. 

I have dreaded this class since I was 18.  I am 31 and assure that it is not any easier.  Yuck.....typing is making me sick......



Dazee Dreamer said...

you will do just great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Bry. I hope it goes really well. Someone wrote a post yesterday about Glossophobia or something like that-fear of public speaking. I just went to try and find it but I can't. Oh well. The gist was that someone in Gov. has it and if she has it and can still be a politician, the rest of us can just get over it, too. Can't argue with her logic, right? If I find it, I'll come back with the link.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered-I'm pretty sure it was SubWow-here's the link:

Grammy said...

Dear Bry, I am sure that you have done well with your speech. I remember what it is like to go to college so many years after high school graduation. I was 30, divorced with two children, and scared to death that I would not do well in college. But I made it, and you will, too. God bless you, my dear. Sorry I haven't been around to read your postings over the past four months. My husband fell, broke a hip and that was the beginning of the end for him. He passed away about five weeks ago. I am back to reading other people's thoughts and ideas. I'll be back. Best regards to you, Ruby

Anonymous said...
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