Friday, October 01, 2010

I forgot to eat for 22 hours......or so

I really did!  I am laying here in bed......because I can..... and I was about to fall asleep.....cause I can....when my stomach started growling. 

How odd, I thought

Then I thought so more and realized .....I have not ate since about 10 am yesterday morning.

How does one do that?  How does one forget?

Not that I couldnt stand to forget......if you know what I mean.  Need to lose those extra pounds now before the holidays get here.


So its finally Friday and my HELL week is officially over.  Technically it was last night at say 6:58, when I promptly ended my speech , sat down, and had to suffer through approximately 14 other people do their  speeches.

I managed a B in Math, B in World Lit(which was quite surprising actually), and a A on my speech.  The math grade I completely expected.  Hello .......that chapter shot straight over my 31 year old head.  There are times when high school students have the advantage over the "older" college student.  I don't even remember doing half this stuff in highschool.  The B in World Lit is quite surprising considering I felt really good about it and was quite happy with it.......hmmmm, will have to wait to see when I get it back. The A on my speech I totally deserved last time but maybe not this time.  I gave a good speech, don't get me wrong(its an art), but I was not nearly prepared this time as I was for my last one.  I  could not help it, there was not enough hours in the week!  As far as Biology goes, will have to wait for the results which my teacher will undoubtively post about 2 weeks from now.....because thats how she rolls. I do feel good about it though.

Question:  Do you ever wonder how some people can wake up everday and tie their shoes.  I feel like this everyday I go to class.  Some of the people you meet , its a wonder I tell you.  I am actually concerned to on the same roads as some of them.

Excuse that outburst.

Anyway its Friday and I have technically nothing to do....except pick up kids at 1 and wait for the Homecoming parade to start. If I was a good girl I would be doing housework and getting ahead of homework.........but I really don't feel like it and well Miley(the greyhound) has decided to sleep all day so why not me? I will do it later! 

I told the kids this morning that we need to get up early to paint faces.  Is purple and gold day  so they wanted to do some war paint.  So I am laying in bed and I hear the boys alarm clock go 5:45am!  I get up and stomp to the other end of the house where all 3 kids are up and going.  I was PISSED!  Okay, when I said early I meant like ......6:15.  Now.....I am going to have some CRANKY kids this afternoon.  I know, I know....they are excited about today but damn Im excited about my sleep.  I got home late last night from class and then could not get to sleep.  Thats what I get for all the stress.  Of course it was not just me....J could not either.  He ended up sleeping at the opposite end of the bed(I am not sure how this helps)....I don't know what  time we actually passed out but it was late.

Here is what we ended up with.  I have mad face painting skills at 6:30am.....

oh and for a little update....we have been doing stuff all week for homecoming.  I managed pictures one day.  This was cowboy/western day.

My 2 are so citified( is that the correct spelling?) We wear running shoes with our hats.

So I said all that to say this.....Im tired. 

Need the rest too because I am going to T-town tommorrow.  No tickets for the Alabama game but apparently I will be shopping, eating sushi and tailgating.  I don't care what I do, I just need to get out of this county and I need a break!  I informed J of this last night.  He did not like it......despite the fact that he is working.  I told him he should be more supportive of me getting away and doing things with my friends.  It sure would help me to be refreshed for another week of stress.  Oh well he can stay pissed.......I am getting out.

But what is with that?  He said he was mad because I "told " him I was going before knowing he was working.  My thoughts are what does it matter if he is working or not, I still need the break!  I was 99.9% sure he was working anyway!  I think he forgets that I am his girlfriend sometimes......not his wife.  Even if I was his wife I would not feel inclined to ask him for permission. 

Sorry for that last bit of rant.......I absolutely love the guy.....but I swear he blows me away with his logic sometimes. 

Sorry for the long post.....its the coffee.....and my lack of time to blog lately.......or talk with friends......or even talk to J for that matter. In other words I am bursting.  Looking forward to "getting it all out"  with some good friends tomorrow.  Yeah!

I would like to finish this post with a public service announcement!
I am sorry but I am going to be putting the Captch security back on my comments.  I have recieved numerous amounts of spam lately and do not wish to cause any harm to my computer.  So for now its back on .  Thanks!

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