Monday, October 04, 2010

This weekend I.......

......... went to the Homecoming parade.  The kids enjoyed the candy, I loved the walk, and Miley loved being out. After the parade we went home and we all dropped into bed or onto the couch and watched TV.  Not once did I think about going to the game or anything.  I was done for the weekend.  Finished. 

The next morning I got up and got ready for my girls day in Tuscaloosa. We were all ready for Sushi, Shopping, and Tailgating. Well the sushi was okay, the shopping was fun and the tailgating was exhausting.....I mean good exercise. So thankful I brought my tennis shoes.

Sunday....I planned to sleep in and do nothing all day.  Then I realized that Rye and I had to finish HIS book report project and J decided YES we were going to powerwash the house(at 1pm).  This was after he slept in until 11......grrrrr.  I don't like doing this.  He sprayed the bleach, I did the sprayer.  You get really wet.....and this was a windy cold weekend.  House does look better though. 

The kids played

K watched Rye

mow the grass.  He is not very good.  He does not get the concept of staying with the pattern.  He missed alot and it kept turning off because his butt would not stay in the seat.  He had fun though. 

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