Friday, June 22, 2007

BLOG CHALLENGE: stream of conciousness

I got new cd's in today. I went against my better judgement a few weeks ago and ordered from BMG. I had just been noticing that there were quite a few cd's I had been wanting, so there I went. So while browsing the music online. One caught my eye. Well not one, many(I do love music!) But this one particular because it reminds me of Laura. The cd is of course Abba. I say of course because if you know Laura, then you know Abba. The two come hand in hand. I knew and liked Abba before I met Laura, just maybe not to this extent. A couple years ago, I went with Laura and another friend to see the play Mama Mia. I can not say enough about this play. If you get the chance to see it, GO! I walked out of there a honest to goodness Abba fan! Now everyone knows the favorites, like Waterloo and Dancing Queen. But I walked out of there with new favorites. Like Mama Mia and Knowing me, knowing you. I also walked out of there playing the "air" piano everytime they did during Dancing Queen. So anyway, I got the greatest hits cd in today. Big smile spread across my face when I opened the mail box. I have been feeling down all day because tommorrow is my anniversary and Chris is overseas. I am not sad and depressed, just a little down. I got flowers in today from him and that was such a nice surprise. But that is just the kind of guy he is. I also talked to Laura today. I miss her as well. She was headed to "our" scrapbook retreat up in the mountains of AZ. I am so jealous! Well back to my subject of Abba. I popped it in this evening while taking Rye to VBS. Dancing Queen came on and immediately I had a smile and was singing at the top of my lungs. My kids thought I was crazy. But of course I did the same when Mama Mia, Take a chance on me, and Chiquitita came on. I think I remembered all the hand moves Laura has for them too. In those moments driving, I tuned everything out and chanelled her. She can always make me laugh and that is exactly what she did tonight. Later on when I was putting my son to bed he looked up and said hey mom did that song say " Dancing Queen, Lima Bean"? We will have to educate the little guy in the ways of Abba some other time. I mean there is so few people that can understand it anyway. :)

-Dancing Queen

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