Saturday, August 18, 2007

In his absence.

You know the little things you don't really pay attention to when someone is always there. Well, as the months go by I am beginning to notice them, or is it forget? Last night I turned out my light(it was really late) my daughter came in and crawled in bed with me. She was so warm, and she curled up right against my back. Back to back we slept. I don't mind her sleeping with me, sometimes it helps. Chris is one of the guys he likes to curl around me and hold me as tight as possible for the whole of the night. Usually I wake up in a sweat and feeling a little confined. Now don't get me wrong , I love to sleep with his arms around me, but you know how warm men tend to be when they sleep! Although I would gladly suffer through the sauna to feel it again. It has been so long. He has been gone now 7 months. Yes we saw him in March, but time was so short and limited. I will not feel those arms wrapped around me for another 5 months. I really underestimated the value of human touch. Yes my kids hug me and crawl in bed with me, and snuggle, but it is not the same as him. I miss him. Last night as my daughter snuggled back to back with me, I closed my eyes, pushed the tears back, and tried to remember.

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