Friday, January 04, 2008

Another day down

Here is my layout for the challenge. I am managing a two page layout a day. Nothing more. But hey thats alot! I will get done with this album. I will. But it is fun to look at how little my son was or how young(and fit) I looked! I took some other pic today too. Nothing worth uploading(I am too tired), but I did take it for the pic a day challenge. All I can say is Thank goodness it is Friday. I even got a vampire fix. Even if Moonlight was a rerun, it was still good. New episode next week! woo hoo! I am off to read some Laurell K Hamilton. I have 3 more to finish the Anita Blake series! I need to slow down because there is not another new one until June(I think) Guess I will have to get back to my Outlander series. It is getting about time to have a Jamie fix!

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