Thursday, January 03, 2008

A few pictures for today

1. Swap Boxes. Out my door!! And one for Chris as well. I am glad to be done with these. I was in 4 jewelry swaps(see examples in Dec. post). I love to jewelry swap! But I need not to do so many at one time. I can get them all done. I just hate the mailing part. I got all the way to the post office today and forgot to put something in them. I will get them done tommorrow! First thing. I hate when something slips my mind. Thats what I get for making myself quit making lists! Lists bogged me down with expectations, and disapointment when I did not finish something. So I quit making them. See where it gets me!
2. My birthday present(Its in August)........ and Christmas......Valentines, St. Patty, Quanza, whatever. I got the best gifts today. They just made me laugh out loud. It is definetly one of my happy thoughts for the week. My good friend Laura sent these tshirts to me. I am a Moonlight fanatic, as is she. If you know the show, if you have ever drooled over Mick the vampire, you will love these shirts. I am sleeping with one...I mean in one tonight!
3. My layout for the day. I thought I would never get this done. I just did not feel well. Its the new diet. Not new, just back on it. I dropped my calorie intake to fast. Ugh, I had a headache and just felt yuck, but I made myself sit down and do the layout, upload it and finish day 3 of the challenge!

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