Sunday, February 03, 2008

Catching up!

Okay, it dawned on me that I have not been so good with all the challenges. Well you know how it goes. You make all these resolutions in the beginning of January only to let them all slide by the end of the month. The most important things to you always remain clear but the excess usually gets trimmed off. So here is the updates on mine(because I am no different!)

LOAD Challenge. I made it something like 18 days........and then I missed a day. And then another day. Then a week. And then never started back. I wish I could have finished the challenge BUT, I gotta be in the mood to scrap and well I just lost all motivation! Still I love the pages I did, and I got alot done. Thinking back I should have split up those two page spreads and used one per day. So technically I got more done!

Scrapshare Page Challenge

32 total pages done
1 Altered Big Clip
2 altered drink cases(frappachino and coke)
2 altered soup cans

Also I have done a 4 jewelry swaps.

picture a day--okay, this is really hard. I TRIED! And I did pretty good. But here is the truth. Taking them is one thing , uploading them and labeling is another. UGH! But I have taken quite a bit more in January then I ever would have with out the challenge and that is a good thing!

I have not done any of the Scrapshare Blog Challenges. One I had nothing to write about the other I am still pondering. Sometimes you just got to ponder.....You know!

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Stacey said...

Bry!! You never responded t o my email about these chaarm swaps! I am curious! Tell me all about it! I miss you!....and I did not go to Pam's shower! Hope she is not mad! Oh well! Love you