Saturday, February 02, 2008

The night before the wedding!

I have officially had 4 hours sleep. The bride had less. Not sure about the groom. Probably the same. Its all good! I spent last night going out to eat with my mother in law and kids. I did some running around to get some wine and made it over to the church about 9. We loaded up gifts and me , Beth and Jess headed over to the house. The other bridesmaids showed up a little later along with Ben(the groom) and his groomsmen. What happened to Jess's rule about not seeing the groom the night before. That kind of flew out the window! LOL! She said as long as they did not fall asleep and then wake up before the wedding and see each other. Hmmm....okay! We all proceeded to sit around the kitchen table drinking as much as possible. Probably not the brightest move, but hey, I am not the one in pictures today. Can you believe we broke out with the Boones Farm? I mean who does this? I have not drank Boones Farm since like High School. Now I remember why!!!!! At one point we just passed bottles around the table. Sad.....I know. But hey good times to be had, oh, and we had them! Have I mentioned I am going to miss these people when I move?

Good Luck today my friend! Beautiful Bride !

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