Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pictures of the Jewelry Swaps

First pic is of the completed Anything Goes Jewelry Swap done by the girls at Scrapshare
Second is the Sweetheart Swap done by the girls at Scrapshare
The Pink charms are my charms for the Little Princess Swap that is Due in March
The green charm is my charm for the Spring Swap due in March
I have two other princess charms and one other spring charm set that I got to find the pics for. I will post later.
So thats what I am working on
3 Princess Charm sets
2 Spring Charm sets
1 Shades of Black Charm
1 Shades of Blue Charm
1 Shades of Green Charm
The Shades of Sets are due in April so I will work on them and get them posted. Hopefully I will be doing a Disney and Patriotic Swap! Can you tell I have a new obsession? I lurve it!

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