Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here is another survey.....its late, yes I am bored

Are you an adult? yes
How old are you? 28
How old do you feel? You are as young as you want to be
Do you consider yourself a grown-up? yes....what is with the obsession?
Do kids call you mr/miss/mrs? I had a kid call me mrs. the other day.......snort
Did you graduate high school? Yes
Did you go to college? for a few semesters
If so, what is/was your major? marine biology....if you can believe it
Did your parents go to college? yes...some
Have you been back to your high school since you graduated? to the actual buiding .....NO
Do you still keep in touch with school friends? some yes
Have you been to a school reunion? yes.....interesting......especially the table cloths....Oh yeah, some people never all.....still B@#$&*! (There are days I wish I had a filter)
Do you plan to attend a school reunion? why not, I would love to see if someone takes up the tableclothes at the next one
Are you single/dating/married/divorced? married
Do you have children? yep
Where do you work? Where don't I work
Are you happy with the carreer field you have choosen? let me think, this career kinda just chooses you, you know?
Are you satisfied with your income? nope
Do you hang out with your co-workers? all the time....we are like family
How many hours do you work per week? .24 x 7
Do you rent or own a home? I rent an apt.
Is your home big enough? nopeDo you throw parties often? nope
Do you want to move? not at the moment
What do you do for fun? hang out with friends
Favorite TV shows? Moonlight
Do you have a TVO/DVR box to record shows? No
What size is your biggest TV? 37? I think
How much do you spend on groceries weekly or monthly? Good grief...there is no telling
Do you have pets? had a left me for my mom(WTH)..I am getting a dog
What vehicle do you drive? corolla
What do you like or dislike about your vehicle? the dent where I backed a durango into it.
If you could back in time, what advice would you give yourself at
age 5: candy will totally give you cavities
age 16: do not where that short of skirt, and don't worry you really will get boobs
age 18: Do not stay with that guy(you know who you are!)
age 21: Go back to college.....oh and don't marry on a sidewalk in a shopping area.....still it worked out right?
age 25: Go back to college( I repeat)
age 29: Finish that 30 before 30 list!!!!!!!

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