Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last weekends results and this weeks blah, blah, blah

Okay, I should back up to last Thursday. Thursday was the HS Choral performance. It went okay. A little chaotic, but okay. The kids in this school really need to find a sense of performance. They lack that everywhere. Band, Danceline, winterguard, chorus. They have all these ideas and are a great bunch of kids, somehow they always pull it out, but its chaos getting there. Well I rushed home after the show, packed, cleaned house, and did laundry. DH was not home because of his big audit so I was flying solo. No big surprise there. Friday morning I get up and meet at Misti's to take off for the beach. I drive down there making excellent time and it was actually peaceful(despite the tv's not working). Tried to keep up with Misti but did not really happen. No big deal because DH gave me directions. Or so I thought. Seriously, I was ill by the time I made it to the hotel. Its okay. Nothing a margarita can not handle. Its National Margarita Day anyway! Dinner at Lulu's! Love it! After the kids went to bed I had a great time out with Misti and DH. We even tumbled in the sand! The next morning we all headed out to the Competition.
The kids did a great job. I mean they relly did. It was a decent way to end the season. Rye is already talking about next year. He can not wait. We headed home Sunday. DH had come down Friday night and we decided to stay the extra night. We ate a Lulu's again and drove home the next day.
It was an exhausting weekend and my week really dragged at the beginning. Monday we had a decent Winterguard practice. Big Competition coming up. We are headed to Tennessee Saturday. Very long day and our first performance in Scholastic B. It should be interesting and there should be some great schools there. Can not wait to watch! Thats it for now. My brain is fried because of lack of sleep. Had a lot on my mind lately. So later!

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