Monday, March 02, 2009

Feb. 12 of 12

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Okay, I did not follow the rules. Hey! Rules are made to be broken. I still am telling a story. More about a month than a whole day, but anyway....
Here goes.
Picture 1. (starting top left)
My girls. Still my girls, still doing our thing. My life would not work without them!
Picture 2.
Bama Bash, Birmingham Competition that went a little rough. We did not do our best and had the results to prove it. I will say it again. Its a building year. Go Cheer stars.
Picture 3.
Cheerstars again in Orange Beach. Nationals. They performed Great! We were so proud of them. It was a great way to end the season and spend time together. Good job Misti for putting together all of this, and getting my son involved as well.
Picture 4.
Oak Grove Winterguard Competition. 1st place, moved up to scholastic B class. Enough said. It feels so good! Although.....I want my pin, I will say it for you Amy!
Picture 5
There is nothing like doing some cartwheels on the beach , in the middle of the night with your best friend.
Picture 6
Family pic on the beach...Check! Gulf Shores
Picture 7
Superbowl party, Feb. 1st at Jess's house. All of us wearing our goofy glasses for the commercials. Good times!
Picture 8
Tye Dye shirts for the Cheerleaders. I forgot how much fun this is. And they turned out so great. I have to do this more often. Like in the summer, outside!
Picture 9
Lulu's restaurant in Gulf Shores. You all know how I feel about Jimmy Buffett. Its a love affair that I will never get over. Some you just never do!
Picture 10
Winterguard Competition , Thompson Station, TN
We left early due to bad weather and a really long drive home in it, but we ended up in 4th place out of 9 and it was our first time competiting in this class. So that is really good. Get ready to work though guard, we are doing better in Hoover!
Picture 11
Clogging. Kinda glad I do not have to stress over all of it. I love how well the cloggers did on ABDC but I am glad she is back to take her classes.
Picture 12
My K in her hat. Cutie Patootie!
So there you go. My month of Feb.

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