Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Catching up on the A to Z challenge

Calm Down Everything's Fine

See I told you I needed to catch up!  CDEF.  Well I was at the beach all weekend.  Monday I was in Atlanta, and Tuesday I will admit I slept......and today I have been cleaning and doing laundry like a mad woman!  So thats my excuse.  Oh and I procrastinate.  So thats whats up with my posting.

C is going to stand for clothes. With a household of 5....they really pile up and I hate doing laundry or maybe I just have not found a good system.  I feel like my washer runs all day, and then clean clothes stay piled up waiting for me.  It never ends!  This morning one of mine came in and said they had no school pants....I said well "look there is none in hear, they must be in your room"....kid stomps away.  Really?  I follow to bedroom and look in closet.  Well  guess what I found........a closet overflowing with clothes.  Why?  Well, last night the boys were told to clean their room.  They did an excellent job even vacuming and putting away their clothes.....or so I thought.  Nope........all clothes(clean!) were stuffed in the bottom of the closet. . . . . . . Well yeah my room would be clean too if I did that.  GAH!  I got so mad I started pulling them all out.  So at 7:15 there was a tower of clothes the size of me sitting in the middle of their room.  I smiled, looked at the both of them and said "guess what you are doing after school". I patted them on the head and sent them on their way.  And I did not touch them.  Oy! 

Its all done now.....until tomorrow. 

D stands for determination. As in I was determined to get the house clean today...check.  I was determined to get laundry done....check.  I was determined to grocery shop.....check........
Now why the heck can I not find the determination to work ahead on my research paper or I don't my fat ass down the road. 

E stands for energy.
Can someone please find me some please!!!!!!!  I feel sucked out.  No life.  No energy.  And those clothes are not going to wash themselves.  damnit.

Oh and Easter Candy....Please remove from my house.     Now. 

F stands for frustration.  Thats what I feel. Hello, its almost swimsuit time and my Fat ass is not getting in one unless you get moving.  As in Run.  Run Bry....just run.  Even more frustrating is that I have let it go so much....I am not even looking forward to summer.......and that is just depressing. 

Okay.....all nice and caught up.  I will be thinking on a G for tomorrow. 


Shannon said...

Bry, You are hilarious...relax, breathe, think calming have 4 children and two of the boys love to shove clothes in the closet and shut the door...they are teen...drives me nuts...and we are a family of 6 so laundry is always avail. to wash at any moment 24/7/365...glad you are back and getting caught up...good luck on losing the weight..I am doing that too!

Anonymous said...

Way to catch up there. Yay determination!