Friday, April 23, 2010

T is for ..............

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, trailers, tincups, taco salad............ I really could go on, its a "T" kind of day. Lights keep flickering, so I am unplugging and relying on the battery.  Which never lasts long enough but we shall see.  Thunderstorms are heading this way.....apparently an entire night of them and tomorrow.  Tornadoes could be a possibility.  Hmmm..... Terrific! 

So let me fill you in on some humor from the day.  I hope you might.  Steriod boy (thats what I am calling him~ read previous post) and I headed to the school to pick up the others, and to grab some stuff from his classroom.  He needed his book for the book report.  Duh!  Not sure what these kids are thinking sometimes.  He was already getting "crazy" from the steriods....he is on alot! I looked at him as he rocked back and forth in the seat... "babe...are you feeling jittery"....R looks at me and says " I am not sure what jittery means but yeah I think I am"......I stifle the urge to laugh out loud. We get the other kids and head home.  Half way there the National Weather Radio goes off.......shhh....I tell the kids.  Well for some reason the siren goes off for an ridiculously long time......during which R...steriod boy.....has not stopped rocking......when he (jokingly) started yelling...."we are all going to die!"  I swear to god, I almost hit the mailbox.  Tears you guys were streaming down my face I was laughing so hard.  The other kids started laughing too after they got over the shock of him screaming this.  My phone rings......its J's sister in law.....I can't talk because I am laughing so hard......" What is going on?"  I tell her.....she is laughing.  Her son is going on steriods tomorrow for a different kind of infection.  We think we should lock them in a room with nothing but cushions, but thats beside the point.  So after we get done laughing she asks if I heard the warnings.....I said not much of them.  You would think we are all going to fly away like Dorothy and Toto("t" is so easy), she says yeah....but we do live in Tin Cans!  Which starts another bout of laughing that just will not quit.  See we both live in Trailers.....this is not something I am proud of.  Its a fact but a very temporary fact.  J and I are planning to build.....we are looking for land now.  Temporary.  Still its a fact now. She does too and we often make pokes at our own living situations.  Hey...if you can not laugh at yourself.....
Well like I said we were rolling over the Tin Can punch and I said....well we should cook out and watch the tin cans fly around.  Steriod boys can chase them.  Instead though I made Taco Salad....I am hoping to find something to fill Steriod boy.  He has eaten 5 ice cream sandwiches, 15 popsicles, Taco Salad, a Sandwich, Countless bags of chewys.......not sure what else he has snuck by me. 

Ooohhhh Cubs game.....I am easily distracted.  Theriot is playing....Gag.........on a side note I miss Moises Alou and Nomar many others I miss.

So lazy night here.......Steriod boy is going crazy in the living room, J has PMS(I swear it), K is tired and fussy.....I am hiding in the bedroom.  Thank god for the Cubs.  Is that a train?  Take cover!!!!........I am totally kidding.  Tornado humor.  Its not funny really.  Im in a trailer for god's sake.  Where would I go?  The I saw the movie Twister. kinda of funny to get to use that line "We've got cows....."  It could totally happen around here.  Well rough night ahead...Stay safe out there ( I totally almost just said "stay classy San Diego")

Clause statement......
I am in no way making fun of those who choose to live in trailers, have lived in trailers or in the market to buy a trailer.  I am also in no way making light of the seriousness of tornadoes and the destruction that they can cause anywhere and most importantly the seriousness that they seem to cause to trailers in Alabama. 

I also do not wish any cow harm or wish to see one fly through the air just so I can use a punch line from a movie. 

I am sure there are some other clauses I should put in here but ......nah......I shoot from the hip.....thats me!


Ron Cooper said...


I’m your latest Friday Follower--No. 75! I would appreciate a follow-back on Google Friends Connect and/or Networked Blogs.


Brenda Susan said...

Hi I too am a new Friday Follower & can't wait to explore your fun looking site!

melodygreen said...

I love it! Why have I not been to your blog before? Thunderstorms and tornado warnings all over here too... an excuse for the little guy in my house to not sleep. I have allergies too... and asthma along with them... and can so identify with the tons of scrips. I think its been a tough allergy year here in the South! Hope you get through steroid-induced "fun" and thunderstorms! :) Trailers can be quite nice... I discovered that staying in one in Georgia for a week one summer... but definitely not during tornado season!

Dee said...

ROFLMAO As a rheum arthritis sufferer, I know how wound steroids can make a person. But hey, housecleaning at 3am in productive, right?

Grammy said...

Funny! My daughters love it when they have to be put on steroids, they can get so much done, and not spend a lot of time sleeping. Ha Ha.
And they do make one never get enough to eat. Loved the post.

~Bry~ said...

Do you think that would work on R? You think I could convince him to do housework.....genious