Monday, August 16, 2010

I don't think I care to come up with anymore clever titles for my posts anymore.  Not sure why.

Could possibly be because all I seem to do is "catch up" when I do post....mostly because I have to reconnect to the internet every few minutes. 

Today is the anniversary of Elvis' death.  8/16/1977.  So in honor of the King I thought I would list my
"top 5" favorite songs of all time from Elvis.

1. Devil in Disguise
2. Suspicious Minds
3. Fools Rush In
4. Amazing Grace
5. In the Ghetto.....which is quite surprising because I never used to like this song....but damn I do now.  Even though I struggle to get Carmen's voice (from South Park)

Ever since I have been painting the house I have been listening to my deluxe Elvis disk on my handy cd player that hangs under the cabinet in the kitchen.  A CD player that I initially thought I would remove from the cabinet.  Yet I have used the cd player so much I think it is staying.  Anyway.....I have gotten the kitchen painted.  Check out my before and after.

Before:  Please excuse my awful pictures. 

This 1st one is really dark.

This is all just paint.  J and I have talked about new counter tops, painting cabinets, faucets blah blah blah.....
Right now I am just handling the paint. 

Again horrible pictures. I am not sure what is with my camera indoors.

Oh and what is the big black square on my wall?
I am pretty excited about it.  I have seen it before on tons of websites/magazines....and I thought I would go for it.  I am waiting another 10 hours or so to write on it....and I am not exactly sure what I will write. 
Calendar? Menu? Quote? Let the kids go wild?
Who knows  but I absoltely love the boldness of it when you walk in. 

P.S.  Anyone have a problem making a house a home?
Does that question make sense?
I have a house.......kind of an empty shell......its not comfortable yet.  Not cozy.  Not home.

I am ok with this....sorta.
I have commitment issues.. and I am not the only one. Thank you very much.
I am relationship challenged.
Not to quote Meridith Grey but I am scary and damaged or is it dark and twisty?

J and I do not have stuff. We don't have years together where you collect stuff.  You know stuff that you decorate or place in your home.  What we have is a house. 

Hell who am I kidding we went couch shopping and can not even commit to a couch.  So we have a living room.  One I spent a week painting with no furniture in it.  So we do not spend any time in there.  Its a shame and actually becoming quite the joke. 

Don't get me wrong ....I am not angry. I am not upset really. 
I have commitment issues. Quite possibly domestically challenged.
From Psychologist point of view......and I am not a psychologist .......I would say that my failure to decorate the house, put any furniture in the house, hang a picture......shows my fear of committing to the house, the relationship.....uh anything.   So J called me on it.  He flat out called me out.   I did not even realize it until he brought it up.  Which kind of stung a bit.  Who am I kidding it stung alot. 

So today I hung a picture.  I actually put a nail in the wall. 
I committed. 
 I couldnt commit to a rug today for the kitchen.  I just couldnt do it.
Baby Steps People
Don't worry I can laugh at myself.


Danielle said...

I felt that way when we got our first apt together,like any move would be a life move, any picture hung would be there forever and judged and destined to limit my wall decor.

but then I started reading a lot of decor blogs and realized that everyone seems to be revamping and all different ages and stages. Some rip up a lot some rip up a little.

so go for it and if you hate it take it down! nothing is permanent... hell the house might not even be!:)

Tiffany said...

I have the same problem when it comes to hanging things on the wall. I always want things to look perfect and get nervous that once it's up I'm going to hate it. I don't realize how easy it is to just take it down, fill the hole and touch up the paint. So... you're not alone!

Love the color of the walls and what a great chalkboard!! I want to do chalkboard in my kitchen too.